De AFCENT Schutters SV

The AFCENT SCHUTTERS shooting club is a recognized club founded by the former Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT) in September 1971. Today it is one of the clubs sponsored by HQ JFCBS.
The aim of the club is to provide facilities, equipment and service in the field of sport shooting. The club offers the opportunity to keep and improve shooting skills with several kinds of privately owned weapons as well as shares the knowledge of weapons in general.

AFCENT SCHUTTERS encourages and provides the means for members of JFC HQ Brunssum to practice their shooting skills for their upcoming deployments.
The AFCENT SCHUTTERS participates in national and international shooting competitions all over Europe.

If you are interested in sport and military shooting, just join us every Thursday at shooting range in Kerkrade at 19.00.

"Café Apollo”
Industriestraat 19
6466 GA Kerkrade

Those intrested should contac:
  • Martin Ermers (NLD), BSG ISS, Ext. 3052 ,
  • OR8 (DEU) Markus Ripperger, NCIA CSSC, Ext. 2504,

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