An international community such as Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (HQ JFCBS) will have a wide range of tastes in recreational, sporting and social activities. Any suggestions for additional activities can be made to the HQ JFCBS Family Support, Morale and Welfare Branch (FSMW), ext. 2626.

National and International
The provision of some amenities such as postal, medical and dental facilities is a national responsibility. Other facilities, such as the fitness centre, theatre, library, arts and crafts centre, auto repair shop, swimming pool, sports complex and conference centre are provided under international arrangements and are available to all nationalities within the Headquarters. These are principally arranged by the HQ JFCBS Family Support, Morale and Welfare Branch.

A wide range of sporting and recreational facilities are provided. In addition, concessionaires offer tax free shopping, insurance, and hairdressing services within the Headquarters.

Vehicle and Homeowners Insurance
HQ JFCBS personnel have at their disposal a full service insurer right here in newly opened Mini-Mall. This service provider is fully aware of the service members' insurance needs here in the Netherlands, and their policies are written in English. The concessionaire can be reached Monday through Friday from 0830 to 1700.

Full Service Barbershop and Beauty Salon
A beauty salon for men and women is located on Hendrik Camp, in the Mini-Mall and it is operated by a concessionaire. Our hair styling salon can provide you with anything from the basic regulation haircut to a bit of extra glamour for that special event. The salon can be contacted on ext. 2957.
Opening hours are Monday through Friday from 0830 to 1700.

Recreation Clubs
As well as the many community activities and recreational facilities provided by the HQ JFCBS Base Support Group, there are also numerous clubs and societies available. If you need more details, call the Family Support, Morale and Welfare Branch, ext. 2626.

HQ JFCBS Gymnasium
The HQ JFCBS Gymnasium is located at Building H-405. It provides a large variety of fitness programmes and equipment to meet the fitness goals for you and your family. We offer men's and women's changing rooms equipped with showers, daily use lockers, and a sauna. The fitness centre has an assortment of courts and multi-purpose rooms for your use. These courts and rooms include two squash and handball courts, basketball court, self directed fitness room, spinning room, multi-purpose/aerobics room, cardiovascular room, and weight training room.
The cardiovascular room contains cycles, stair steppers, cross-trainers, treadmills, and rowing machines. The weight training room contains a full line of bodybuilding equipment created by Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. It is designed for both light and heavy workout plans enabling you to target specific muscles. If you want a fitness workout plan, our Physical Training Instructor can assist you with a physical fitness programme. The fitness centre also offers solarium (tanning bed) services. More information is available from the HQ JFCBS Fitness Centre by calling ext. 3170 or 3171.

Tennis Courts
We have four tennis courts, adjacent to the swimming pool. You don't need to join a club to use these courts, and there is no charge for their use.

Sports Complex
The HQ JFCBS Sports Complex (also referred to as "the Slag Heap”), east of Hendrik Camp, has eight floodlight lit fields for soccer, 5-a-side, field hockey and rugby. There is a 400-metres track, two shower rooms and changing facilities near the main pavilion.
There's a long jump pit, two baseball fields and a horseshoe pitch. A major attraction at the Sports Complex is the covered barbecue area, which has large grills and bench tables. There is plenty of space for groups, clubs or individual families to picnic and socialise in the fresh air. Lighting, electrical outlets and tap water are also available. A playground is available for children, with lots of running space. There is also a large bouncy castle available for rent. During the summer, the Sports Complex is the scene of various HQ JFCBS special events like Summer Fest, Hockey Festival, Football Tournament, and other shows and sports meetings. Call HQ JFCBS ext. 2055 for more information.

HQ JFC Brunssum Clubs and Activities
As well as the many community activities and recreational facilities provided by the JFCBS Base Support Group, there are numerous HQ JFCBS member run clubs and societies available. HQ JFCBS members, clubs and activities indicated below are available for participation:
  • International Boy Scout Troop
  • SCUBA Diving Club
  • Girl Scouts
  • Golf Society
  • Scale Modelling
  • International Marching Team
  • International Spouses Club
  • Knights Football Club
  • Knights Hockey Club
  • Knights Rugby Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Shooting Club
  • Orcas Swim Team
  • Triathlon Club
  • Tri Border Walking Club
Further details may be obtained from the HQ JFCBS Family Support, Morale and Welfare Branch, ext. 2626.

Swimming Pool
The indoor heated swimming pool (25 x 12 1/2 metres) is situated in Building 605, in the vicinity of HQ JFCBS, Mini-Mall. It may be used by all HQ JFCBS personnel and their family members at nominal costs. A sauna and sun bed is also available. Depth ranges from 1 to 3.80 metres, but even the tiniest toddlers can wet their toes in a 6 x 6 meter baby pool with a depth of 20-40 centimetres. Lunchtime joggers and sunbathers can use the changing facilities by paying the regular pool entry fee. Men and women's dressing rooms each have showers, lockers and hairdryers. Military members and NATO Civilians swim for free during designated times. Call HQ JFCBS ext. 3172 for more information.

The HQ JFCBS Library provides books, audio books, audio language courses, DVDs, maps and current issues of international magazines. Some of these materials are in different languages to include Englisch, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. Interlibrary loans are available. There is a children's area with books in English, Dutch, French and German. The Library also has an extensive collection of ebooks, eaudio books evideos' and e magazines available for children and adults. The Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Library is located at Hendrik Camp in the Mini-Mall. Services are free for all  HQ JFCBS, USAG Schinnen, NATO Geilenkirchen personnel and their family members. Internet services are also available and the library subscribes to several on-line databases for reference and research. We also offer a databases on Career transistion. Auto repair, Heritage Quest and more. The databases are available through the HQ JFCBS Library's homepage:
The library also offers a free wireless "hot-spot” for your use. Call 045 5262669 for more information.

Car Craft Centre
The five-bay Auto Hobby Shop offers a wide range of equipment for do-it-yourself automobile enthusiasts; we also offer a drop-off service. It is situated in Building 102, HQ JFCBS ext. 3173. The shop can assist you with your minor automotive needs. The shop has a large variety of general and specialised automotive tools. Computer analysers are available to perform diagnostic tests. A welding bay is also available.
The Hobby Shop is basically a do-it-yourself workshop. However, a master mechanic can perform oil change, brakes, wheel balancing, gas welding, steam cleaning and headlight alignment. Attendants can provide you with a wealth of international technical automotive advice on almost any job. Assigned personnel, with the exception of Dutch nationals, due to local laws, can receive their annual vehicle inspection (APK) right here on the base.

Arts and Crafts Centre
The HQ JFCBS Arts and Crafts Centre in Building H-607 (ext. 2454) offers ceramics and custom framing. The ceramic shop offers an introductory class, which is a mandatory requirement prior to using the ceramic facilities. The class will familiarise you with the facility and the proper techniques of the art of ceramics.
The Frame Shop offers a "we-frame-it” service, as well as classes to learn to "do-it-yourself”. We also offer painting and crafts classes. Painting and many other forms of fine arts can also be pursued in this centre.

Language classes
Language Classes are offered in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish for personnel and their families. For more information, contact the Family Support, Morale and Welfare Branch, ext. 2626.

Alliance Theatre
JFC Alliance Theatre in Bldg 405, seats 365 people, AAFES Reel Time Theatres provides newly released movies with showings every Friday and Saturday. You can call ext. 2626 for current information.
Adult admission: 4.00 euro (increased to 5 euro) (ages 12 and older). Child admission: 2.00 euro (increase to 3 euro’s)(ages 11 and under).

HQ JFCBS Conference Centre & Hotel

The HQ JFCBS Conference Centre, Building 701, is located one km to the east of Hendrik Camp. The conference centre has reception rooms for private and official functions. A 20 room hotel is also located on the premise and is open to all members of the HQ JFCBS community including the National Support Units.

HQ JFCBS Allied Officers' Association
Membership is open to all Officers assigned to the Headquarters.

Other Ranks Association
This active association is open to Non-Commissioned Officers (OR-4 and above).

Civilian Staff Association
Membership is open to all civilians assigned to the Headquarters.

Miners' Rest
The HQ building cafeteria is open Monday through Friday from 0730 to1500. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, sandwiches as well as daily lunch menu are available.

Alliance Rest
The Alliance Rest is situated in Building 201 at Hendrik Camp. It provides an international cuisine on its daily lunch menu as well as coffee and desserts. This facility is open to all military, civilian staff personnel and their family members.
For information, call HQ JFCBS ext. 3723.
Opening Hours: Lunch 1200-1400. Closed on weekends.

Club 13
All HQ JFCBS ID cardholders may use Club 13 for small military functions, personal parties, hail and farewells, etc. It is located on the bottem floor of Building 201 at Hendrik Camp. It offers a  conference room with catering facility and bar. Call HQ JFCBS ext. 2626 for more information.

International Youth Services (IYS)
The International Youth Services promotes activities for the youth of HQ JFCBS (11 - 19 years), and is located in Building H-603, at Hendrik Camp. Activities are provided in four major areas:
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Fitness and sports activities
  • Multi-purpose centre
  • Teen programmes
For more information call HQ JFCBS ext. 3033.

Youth Sports Programme
The International Youth Service Sports Programme appeals to all  HQ JFCBS children and teenagers (5 - 19 years). The sports include basketball, American flag football, soccer, swimming lessons, bowling, ski lessons, ballet, gymnastics, etc. Additionally, parents may find that volunteering to help with IYS sports activities is a good way to meet people. Call HQ JFCBS ext. 3033 for further information regarding activities.

Religious Services
The HQ JFCBS International Chapel Centre is in Building H-405. It has three chapels and endeavours to cater for all faith groups. Regular Sunday services and sponsor-associated groups are available.

German Office:
Protestant: HQ JFCBS ext. 2422/2912
Roman Catholic: HQ JFCBS ext. 3101/2909

Netherlands Office:
HQ JFCBS ext. 3125

United States Office:
HQ JFCBS ext. 2940

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