B&S Central Store - Tax Free Retail on the Base
Whether you shop for price, quality, convenience or a specific item, we hope that most of your needs can be met at the B&S Central Store tax free retail shop.

The shop is located within the Hendrik Camp in Building 604, which is near the swimming pool. The shop offers a wide range of tobacco, spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, perfumes, cosmetics, toys, sporting equipment, convenience food, gifts, souvenirs, clothing, footwear, leather goods, watches, electronic equipment, stationary, international newspapers, coffee and tea.

The rationed goods section offers a comprehensive range of tobacco and liquor, which may be purchased by presenting a ration card issued by the National Support Units or a temporary ration card issued by the pass and permits office and a valid HQ JFCBS ID card. Dutch civilian staff members are not permitted to use the shopping centre, due to Dutch tax regulations. Prices are competitive.

Watch for flyers, which are published on the Internet and distributed throughout HQ JFCBS. For more information, see the shop manager in Building H-604 or call ext. 4019.
Opening Hours are Monday to Friday: 1000 to 1800 hrs. and Saturdays: 1000 to 1500 hrs.

Tax Free Shopping "Downtown”
As well as shopping tax-free on base, you can also go "downtown”. This tax scheme allows all HQ JFCBS staff members, except for Dutch nationals, to buy an extensive range of goods from licensed local traders free of value-added tax (BTW).

The scheme covers a wide range of goods, the only government imposed exclusions being:
  • Food, drink and tobacco goods. All of these can be bought tax-free at the HQ JFCBS tax free retail shop in Brunssum.
  • Any single item less than 46 Euro, including VAT. This is a limit imposed by the Netherlands government.
  • Items designed to be permanently attached to immovable property i.e fixtures and fittings.
Car servicing (car parts are tax-free, if item exceeds 46 Euro). To participate in the scheme, local traders have to possess a license. Pass and Permits Office in Building H-102 is open Monday through Friday for tax-free processing. For more information, call HQ JFCBS ext. 2319.
Starting 1 January 2011 additional tax-free shopping procedure is being implemented for HQ JFCBS and supported entities privileged personnel.
This new procedure, the JFC 15-10 Tax Free scheme, allows personnel, entitled to "downtown” shopping, to purchase, free of value-added tax (VAT/BTW), an extensive range of goods from traders, on the market and the Internet within the EU community, equivalent to items which could normally be bought in military shopping centres or canteens.

The goods need to be delivered at the Netherlands address and the entitled person will need to have the good in possession during his tour.
Items excluded from this scheme are:
  • Cars, boats, motorcycles, campers, caravans and trailers >750 kg. total weight;
  • Food, drink and tobacco goods;
  • Goods which are designed to be fitted permanently to real estate;
  • Labour costs, i.e. car servicing, hiring etc.;
  • Any Item costing less than €46,- (VAT included)
  • In case of doubt the Tax Inspector will decide.
The price for the JFC 15-10 document is 3 Euros per 15-10 form. The forms are available at HQ JFCBS FMB/SEC/VRO. Specific procedures can be found in the amended JFC Directive 5-13 as of 15 December 2010.

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