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Phone numbers

National emergency number 112, when every second counts

HQ JFC emergency number for Police/Fire/Medical 2000
Making calls to The Netherlands
From within Europe, except France 00-31 -town number-local number
From France 19-31 -town number-local number
From Canada and USA 011-31 -town number-local number
(The first ‘0' in the town number e.g. 045 is omitted when dialing from outside the Netherlands.)
The town number for Brunssum is 45. Maastricht is 43.

Calling HQ JFC Brunssum

 From  To  Dial
 045 areas in Limburg Province  HQ JFC Brunssum Subscriber  526 and desired extension number
 Any other areas in the Netherlands  HQ JFC Brunssum  045-526 and desired extension number

Useful HQ JFC Numbers
Barrack Accommodations
Belgium 3009
Germany 3565
The Netherlands 3023
UK 2585/2596
US Army 2169
US Air Force 2262

 National Support Belgium
 Medical Centre 2152
 Secretariat 3337/2313
 Medical Centre (Duty hours) 2996
 Secretariat 3068
 National Support Canada (CFSE)
 Orderly Room 2332
 National Support Norway
 Commander 3255
 National Support Czech Republic
 Commander 2666
 National Support Poland
 Deputy Commander 2587
 National Support Denmark
 Commanding Office 2557
 National Support Element Spain
 Office 2306/2922
 National Support Slovakia
 Admin 4021
 National Support Estonia
 Office 3472
 National Support Germany
 Medical Centre (all hours) 2346
 Orderly Room 3159/2194
 French Support Unit
 Chief 4369
 Deputy Chief 4370 Secretariat 4375
 National Liaison Officer Hungary
 Office 2881
 National Support Turkey
 Delegation NCO 2289/4152
 National Liaison Office Italy
 Office 3348
 National Support the Netherlands
 Secretariat 2856
 Medical Centre (Duty Hours) 2996
 Lounge 3205
 National Support United Kingdom
 Chief Clerk 2197
 Medical Centre 2497
 Arrivals & Travel Clerk 3192
 National Support United States
 Medical Centre 2934
 US Army Element 2169
 Air Force Detachment 2351/2262
 Navy Element 3671

Special Services
ABN/AMRO Bank 0900-0024
JFC HQ Brunssum Conference Centre 3188
JFC HQ Brunssum Int. Police (Brunssum) 2616/3200
JFC HQ Brunssum School Bus Coordinator 045-5278228
JFC HQ Brunssum School Director 045-5278220
Public Affairs Office 2167
Housing and Billeting 2017/2135
Legal Advisor 2267
Religious Services 2940
Vehicle Registration 4301
Emergencies on camp 2000
Telephone/mobile/pincode Helpdesk 3000
Computer helpdesk 3000
Switchboard operator 9
Royal Marechaussee Representative (RMR) 2544/2650
Koninklijke Marechaussee Heerlen 045-5258000
Local Police (non emergency number) 0900-8844


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The Netherlands

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