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International Club

The International Club (IC) is made up from members of all HQ JFCBS / NATO nations. Our goal is to provide a social outlet, and offer activities throughout the year.
In addition to the social and cultural trips part of the Club, the IC raises money for deserving charities from the International Community. The charities are registered charitable organizations that do not receive any major government sponsorship, nor have professional fund raising support. Last year, the IC raised over 40,000 Euros that were awarded to deserving charities.

The annual registration is open to all NATO ID cardholders and the fee is 10 Euros.

The selected charities 2013-2014
The Charity Committee has selected the following charitable organizations for the 2013-2014 season of the International Club. Proceeds from events such as the Craft Market, the Tour of Homes, Charity Night… are to be donated to these organisations.
For more information contact JFCBIC@yahoo.com

Honor Flight Network, US
The organizations purpose is to pay transport/hotel for American veterans who can't afford the cost to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice. Top priority is given to Americas most senior heroes/survivors of WWII and any veteran with a terminal illness. The program will naturally transition to Korean War, Vietnam War and all other veterans on a chronological basis.

"Opera SS. Medici Cosma e Damiano – Bitonto/Italy – Onlus", Italy
The Foundation operates several initiatives: Soup Kitchen for the poor, home accommodation for AIDS patients, sports center for youth with deviant behavior, refugee services for war victims from Kosovo is only a few of the initiatives.

Little Prince Hospice for Children, Poland
The hospice is the only one of its kind in the southeast of Poland. It provides home care for children and adolescents with cancer and other terminal and progressive diseases.

Progeria Family Circle EUROPE, Belgium
Throughout Europe the volunteers of the Family Circle work on a voluntary basis for the organization. Thanks to their unselfish effort the disease has become more known to the general public. The aim is to bring the European progeria community of children with the disease and their parents together for a couple of days per year and have them spend time together.

Sykehusbarn (Hospital Children), Norway
The Foundation provides extra quality of life to children with terminal illnesses, by providing the children with activities such as music, clowns, daytrips and other things that brings a little happiness and joy into their daily lives in the hospital.

Angriff auf de Seele (Attack to the Soul), Germany
The charity is providing support to soldiers with PTS, injuries etc.  The charity helps cover expenses which are not covered by the German forces nor health insurances by providing rehabilitation in special clinics, psychologist support etc.

Vis De Joie, France
Its aim is to setup activity holidays for young disabled adults.

Once We Were Soldiers, United Kingdom
The main goal is to setup transition centers around the UK to help Veterans tackle everyday problems, such as paying bills, job interview skills, CV writing, how to cook a basic meal, help claiming pensions and benefits and medical problems.

HAIMA CC, Czech Republic
The organization helps children with hematopoietic diseases and cancer treated at the Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in Praque.

Veterans Emergency Transition Services, Canada
The organization is identifying Canadian Veterans who are in difficult circumstances while awaiting support from Veterans Affairs Canada. By assembling list from all government agencies so they can provide support to the veterans in form of housing, health, and legal needs. Pursuing the development of appropriate shelter for homeless veterans.

Alti Nokta Korle Denegi (Six Dots Blind Association), Turkey
The organization provides equal educational opportunities to benefit the blind and partially sighted people. It meets the need of all kinds of books for blind and partially sighted people by producing audio and braille books and offer and extensive library of books free of charge to those in need.

Estonian Paralympic; S/K Meduss, Estonia
The aim is to cover the cost of training camps for young disable swimmers Elisabeth Egel (12), Anette Remmelg (13), Robin Liksor (14), Leon Bauer (17) and Brenda Tilk (19), who have all set themselves the goal of achieving the highest possible results for people with disabilities in sport – The Paralympic Games in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020

Ontmoetingscentrum Limburgse Veteranen (OLV) 'Het Eldershoes' The netherlands
Eldershoes" in Heerlen-Hoensbroek, is the first and thus the eldest Veterans house in the Netherlands.
On the 18th of May 2014 they celebrate their 10th Anniversary. The house is manned and run by (veteran) volunteers only, providing our visitors with coffee and a chat. If visiting veterans have problems regarding there (mental) health or so, volunteers are trained to help them out and forward them to the official medical and/or Veteran Institutions.

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