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Triathlon Club

The Joint Force Command Brunssum Triathlon Club, called NATO Triathlon Team Brunssum (NTTB) was born on 11 March 2009 and is growing ever since. The club builds a perfect platform for all members to share their passion for triathlon. Our main aim is to pass on knowledge and experience gained as an athlete or as a trainer and to open this tremendous sport to everyone by accompanying new members during their first triathlon attempts. We are always looking for new members, regardless of your fitness or level of ambition. So feel free to contact us.  

The Chairman
Lieutenant-colonel Lionel Hunot is a member of the French Army (Infantry).
He is currently working within the J3 Division as Information Operations staff officer.

Lieutenant-colonel Lionel Hunot started triathlon in 1986 and has performed more than 300 of them (from the short distance to the Ironman distance).
His 2014 main objective is the Quelle Challenge Almere on Ironman distances.
He became member of the NATO Triathlon Team Brunssum in 2012 and is appointed as Chairman of the NTTB since 30 June 2014.
Our Aim
The aim of the club is to pass on our knowledge and experience as well as expertise as athletes and trainer/coaches. This could include advice for individual training schedules, guidance for nutrition as well as training programmes.
Please be aware that our aim is to attract members from the entire community and not only for professional athletes.

As an official JFCBS Club, we would like to take part in events and competitions, hopefully with an international team. For that purpose we always prepare an annual plan and we are open to suggestions. The club can also provide assistance and guidance for individual planning, for things such as filling in application forms for competitions abroad or even arranging military accommodation in Germany.

For all interested in joining the club it is important to know that there is only a minor fee of 15 Euro per year.
Those interested should contact:
  • Lionel Hunot: 2827
  • Markus Voelp:3195

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