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The international community Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (HQ JFCBS) offers a wide range of tastes in recreational, sporting and social activities. All of the latest information on Morale & Welfare Activities functions can be found at www.jfcbrunssum.com .  You can also check out the latest information on our Facebook page. 'JFC Brunssum Happenings', where we keep the community up to date.

National and International
The provision of some amenities such as postal, medical and dental facilities is a national responsibility. Other facilities, such as the rationed-item store, fitness centre, theatre, library, arts & crafts centre, auto repair shop, youth services, swimming pool, sports complex, conference centre and hotel are self-funded through non-appropriated income derived from Moral & Welfare Activities. With the exception of rationed items these facilities are available for use by all personnel with access to the camp and are primarily managed by the HQ JFCBS Morale &Welfare Activities Branch.

Child Care
Child care is available right here on base and is open to all NATO nationalities. This service is operated by USAG Schinnen and is governed by their procedures. Child and Youth Services can be reached at +31 455 26 2575/3004.

MWA Branch provides a wide range of facilities for our NATO JFC Brunssum community.  In Addition to these, there are also concessionaires who offer tax free shopping, insurance, banking, hairdressing, wellbeing, and catering services within the base.

AON Insurance for Vehicles and Property
HQ JFCBS personnel have at their disposal a full service insurer right here in our Mini-Mall.  This service provider is fully aware of the service members' insurance needs here in the Netherlands. For your convenience all their policies are written in English.  This concessionaire can be reached at +31 455 26 2492.

Opening hours: Monday - Wednesday 08:30-12:30 & 13:30-16:30 (walk-ins) Thursdays by appointment and they are closed on Fridays.

ABN Amro – Dutch Banking
• ABN Amro is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands and provides their international clients with services fully in the English language. In the Netherlands, utilities and rent are required to be paid through a Dutch bank account. For your convenience their services are available to you right here on base. ABN Amro's International Clients Team is available for appointments to open an account and walk-ins for current customers are always welcome.
           Office address: NATO, Rimburgerweg 30 - 1st floor Building H603, 6445 PA, Brunssum
           Post address: Rimburgerweg 30 - 1st floor Building H603, 6445 PA, Brunssum

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (in March, June, July, August and September). Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm (January, February, April, May, October, November and December).
    You can reach them at +31 (0)45 526 4040.
There is now an ABN Amro ATM machine for deposits and withdrawals in the Mini Mall.

The JFC Brunssum Fitness Centre
From the moment you step into the JFC Fitness Centre, you'll discover we're so much more than just a gymnasium. You'll make new friends from across the spectrum of NATO nationalities and find a range of activities to accommodate all levels of fitness ability, experience and sporting prowess.  Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors are on hand to assist you in your personal goals and training objectives, be it group classes or personal training there is something for everyone. The facility is open to all NATO ID card holders and their dependents over the age of 18. For dependents between the ages of 14 and 17, we have a teenager membership scheme allowing them limited, unsupervised use of the facility after attending a health and safety brief. These teenager briefs are conducted by appointment only so please contact the Fitness Centre at +31 (0)45 526 3170.

Normal opening hours: Monday-Thursday 09:00-17:00
Fridays 09:00-15:00
Closed on NATO Holidays

Like us on Facebook at 'www.JFCBrunssum.com .

" href="https://www.facebook.com/JFCBrunssumSportsAndRecreation/" target="_blank" rel="">JFC Brunssum Sports and Recreation' and visit us on our website: www.JFCBrunssum.com .

Outside Normal Working Hours Use
The Fitness Centre is available for use Outside Normal Working Hours (ONWH) for authorized users. Personnel must attend an ONWH Fitness Centre safety and registration brief and pay a deposit for their ONWH key fob. ONWH Briefings are conducted at the fitness centre by appointment.  For more information call +31 (0)45 526 3170.
Eligibility: Active duty military personnel, NATO civilians, military retirees and dependents aged 18 years and above are authorized to use the Fitness Centre ONWH.

Sports Complex
The HQ JFCBS Sports Complex (also referred to as "the Slap Heap"), has eight fields available for soccer 5-a-side, field hockey and rugby.  There is a 400 meter track, two shower rooms and changing facilities near the main pavilion. There are also a long jump pit, two baseball fields and a horseshoe pit. A major attraction at the Sports Complex is the covered barbecue area, which has large grills and bench tables. There is plenty of space for groups, clubs or individual families to picnic and socialize in the fresh air. Lighting, electrical outlets and tap water are also available. The Sports Complex plays host to many events each year and our facilities are also available to rent for private parties. Bouncy Castles and other equipment are also available for rent. Contact us at +31 (0)45 526 2055, via "JFC Brunssum Sports and Recreation" Facebook page or on our website www.JFCBrunssum.com .

HQ JFCBS Clubs and Activities
As well as the many community activities and recreational facilities provided by HQ JFCBS Base Support Group, there are numerous HQ JFCBS member run clubs and societies available.
Some current clubs available for participation:
International Boys Scout Troop, Scuba Diving Club, Girl Scouts, JFC Golf Society, JFCBS Music Club, Allied International Marching Team, International Spouses Club, JFC Brass Band, Volunteer Instructors Club, Sailing Club, Shooting Club, Orcas International Swim Team, Triathlon Club, Tri Border Walking, JFCBS Martial Arts & Self Defense Club, Hispanic Tri-border Club, Alliance Players, JFC Jiu Jitsu Club, Phoenix Squash Racquets Club, Others Ranks Association (Enlisted), Civilian Staff Association (CSA), Allied Officers Association.

Further details may be obtained from the Morale & Recreation Activities Branch at +31 (0)45 526 3299/2671.

Swimming Pool
Located next to the library our modern, heated, indoor swimming pool and toddler pool accommodates a wide range of swimming activities including: lap, delegation, parent with toddle and public swimming sessions. Aqua aerobics, aquacise and swimming classes are also available. Schedules for classes can be found at the Swimming Pool and the Fitness Centre.
There is a popular large inflatable toy session on Saturdays for family fun when weather and personnel permits. The complex also boasts a sauna facility allowing patrons to unwind and relax after a hard swim or while the kids are in lessons. The pool and its facilities are available for hire, be it for kids parties, a swimming based event or even private sauna sessions. For more information please contact +31 (0)45 526 3172.

The most up to date information can be found on the "www.JFCBrunssum.com " href="https://www.facebook.com/JFCBrunssumSportsAndRecreation/" target="_blank" rel="">JFC Brunssum Sports and Recreation" Facebook page or on our website www.JFCBrunssum.com .

Rationed-Items Store
The JFC Brunssum Rationed items and tax-free shopping store is operated by B&S and is available for use by entitled personnel. A percentage of every sale in the store is returned to Morale & Welfare Activities to reinvest in the community.

B&S completed a remodel of the store in 2017 and stands by to assist you in making Brunssum your home. They have a wide variety of alcohol, tobacco, luxury items and other tax free goods to meet all your shopping needs. B&S offers additional catalogue sales for larger items not found in the store just ask a store associate for assistance.
Through an agreement with the Car Craft Centre, you can purchase tax-free tires through the B&S and have them mounted on your car here on base.  Contact the store associate for details.

Throughout the year, B&S Central Store organizes events for its customers and is always seeking to provide you with a taste of home.
The B&S Store can be reached  at +31 (0)45 526 4016 or you can visit them online at www.bs-centralstore.com.

Car Rental, Airport Shuttle Service and Car Cleaning
Car rental and airport shuttle services are readily available on base through CCS Corporation. Named for their car rental and communication service packages but they offer so much more than just what is in their name.

Conveniently located on base, their fleet of modern vehicles is ready for your use or to get you to and from the airport in a no-stress, relaxing environment. They also offer full cleaning and detailing services for your personal vehicle, whether it just needs tidying up or it is being shipped internationally. If you, your family members or your visitors need a short term mobile rental or need a long term contract for your tour in the Netherlands, CCS can assist you in selecting the best plans and in setting up your services without the stress of shopping on the local market.

You can contact CCS at +49 172 61 21 796 or visit their website at www.car-rental-brunssum.com .

The HQ JFBC Library provides books, audio books, language videos, DVDs, maps and newspapers. They also provide some of these materials in different languages. Interlibrary loans are also available. There is a children's area with books in English, Dutch, French and German. The HQ JFCBS Library is located in the Mini-Mall.  Services are free for a HQ JFCBS, USAG Schinnen Benelux, NATO Geilenkerchen personnel and their family members.

Commercial internet connections are also available and the library subscribes to several on-line databases for reference and research. The databases are available through the library homepage: www.library.eur.army.mil .
The library offers a free wireless hotspot for your use.

A new multi-purpose room is available with 10 chairs and two tables. It can be used for classes, meetings, watching satellite TV or playing video games on the included WII System. You will find a white board, TV set, a projector, DVD player, game console and wireless internet.
For reservations please call HQ JFCBS ex 2669 or 2469 (commercial 045-526-2669 or 045-526-2469).

JFCBS Library operating hours:
Monday and NATO Holidays – closed
Tuesday & Wednesday -11:00 to 20:00
Thursday & Friday -11:00-18:00
Saturday & Sunday – 12:00-16:00

Susanna's Barbershop and Unisex Hairdressing (Bldg. 604)
A beauty shop for men and women is located in the Mini-Mall and it is operated by a concessionaire. Our hair styling salon can provide you with anything from the basic regulation haircut to a bit of extra glamour for that special event. The salon can be reached at +31 (0)45 526 2957.
Opening hours are Monday through Friday 08:30-17:00.

Mel's Place – Wellness, Beauty & Nails (Bldg. 402)
 A new upscale location on JFCBS, offering a complete day spa experience to both men and women! Located on the back side of the Mini-Mall, Mel's Place provides a private, quiet and relaxing atmosphere where they offer facials, various body treatments including massages, pedicures and manicures.  Now is it easy to pamper yourself right here on base.
The website is www.salonmelsplace.nl or you can call at +31 (0)455 26 4222.

Car Craft Centre (Bldg. 402)
The five-bay Car Craft Centre offers a wide range of equipment for do-it-yourself automobile enthusiasts; It also offer a drop off service and is conveniently situated in building 402, HQ JFBS. The shop can assist with your minor automotive needs. It is equipped with a large variety of general and specialized automotive tools. Computer analyzers are available to preform diagnostic tests. A welding bay is also available. The car Craft Center is basically a do-it-yourself workshop. However, a master mechanic is available to preform oil changes, brakes, wheel balancing, gas welding, steam cleaning and headlight adjustments. Attendants can provide you with a wealth of international technical automotive advice on almost any job.
Assigned personnel with the exception of Dutch nationalists, due to local laws, can receive their annual vehicle registration (APK) right here on the base. More information can be found at our website www.JFCBrunssum.com  or you can call them at+31 455 26 3173.

Arts & Crafts Centre
The HQ JFCBS Arts & Crafts Centre offers art workshops, classes, social events and birthday parties as well as a large selection of custom framings.
While the frame shop offers a professional product done for you at a better price than downtown, we can teach you to do it too. Additionally, our resident artists regularly host workshops and social events for all ages in painting, drawing, ceramics, or any other artistic endeavor you'd like to try. Use of the ceramics facility requires an introductory class to familiarize you with the techniques and equipment needs to safely engage in the craft. Our frame shop also offers a variety of farewell gifts which include plaques, coins and more.
For more information visit our
JFC Brunssum Arts and Crafts Facebook page or call us at +31 455 26 2454.

Language Course
Language classes are offered in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and occasionally Italian for personnel and their families. For more information and to check out the schedule of our current offerings, you can call the Program Coordinator at +31 642 56 3731, visit our website at www.JFCBrunssum.com or send an email to languageprogram@jfcbrunssum.com .

Alliance Theatre
The Alliance Theatre seats 365 people and regularly offers Friday and Saturday movies at a fraction of the cost compared to off-base theaters. Our suppliers provide us with first-run-new –releases each weekend and sometimes we'll show classics as well.  We highly encourage everyone to use the Alliance Theatre as a means to support our community.
General Eisenhower Hotel & International Conference Center
The General Eisenhower Hotel and International Conference Center (ICC), is located just outside the main gate to the east of Hendrik Camp.
The hotel offers 20 modern rooms at better rates than you will find off-base.
Each room includes a microwave, refrigerator, Free Wi-Fi and Satellite TV.
The ICC has Reception Rooms for private and official functions and is open to all members of the HQ JFCBS community including National Support.
*Late night and weekend check-ins are available*
Opening hours are:
Mon-Thurs  08:00-17:00
Friday   08:00-15:00
Email: Conferencecenter@ymail.com
Phone number: +31 455 26 3188

HQ JFCBS Allied Officer's Association
Membership is open to all Officers assigned to the Headquarters.

Other Ranks Association
This active association is open to Non-Commissioned Officer (OR-4 and above).

Civilian Staff Association
Brunssum Civilian Staff Association (BCSA) Membership is open to all NATO International Civilians assigned to the Headquarters and other entities under JFCBS administration.

Miners' Rest
The Miners', operated by Sodexo, is found on the ground floor of J-wing in Building H-106 and is in an unclassified area.  It is accessible to anyone with base access including dependents. They offer breakfast, lunch, an a-la-carte snack service along with coffee and refreshments throughout the day. They are open Monday through Friday 8:30-15:00 (breakfast is served 08:30-11:00 and lunch 11:30-14:00). Sodexo is also available for catering for official and private events. The Sodexo staff can be reached at +31 455 26 2925.

Alliance Restaurant
The alliance Restaurant is operated by Sodexo and is only available for official events and during high-operation time periods for the command.  Contact Sodexo at ex. 2925 for more information.

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