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Medical Services

Health Insurance
Medical ServicesA long-term assignment abroad can have a big influence on your Health Insurance in the home country. Reimbursement for medical treatment will probably change or the contract between the contractual partners might even come to an end, if special arrangements were not made before the start of the assignment. Therefore every soldier/employee of Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (HQ JFCBS) should talk to his Health Insurance Provider to clarify the conditions of the contract regarding the coverage of medical costs, for themselves and family members.

It is also recommended to talk to the national Health Care Authorities of their home country regarding this before moving into the Netherlands.
The costs for "inpatient treatment" should be discussed and fully understood. For all European Nations some guidelines for Social Security (medical matters) do exist, which are in effect for the Troop Contributing Nations (TCN). All personnel should contact their National Medical Centre, if available, to ensure that they are registered appropriately.

Once again, soldiers and employees of HQ JFCBS, coming from European Union countries, should seek to gain all the information and regulations about reimbursement for medical costs from their government.

Dependents of soldiers and employees of the HQ JFCBS, coming from EU Countries, have to apply for an E-106 - standard form from their national Health Insurance Provider. This standard form must include all eligible insurance policyholders and has to be brought to the nearest local Netherlands Health Insurance Provider (CZ/Central Ziekenfonds: Wilhelminastraat 39, 6131 KM Sittard, in general: Tel. 046-4595656 / accounting clerk: 046-4595038).

The Netherlands Health Insurance will register the person and give a Health Insurance Card to each insurance policyholder. With the above-mentioned Health Insurance Card all costs of Primary Health Care will be covered. Excluded from the services are Dental Care and Physical Therapy. Dependants of German soldiers that are not insured in an obligative health insurance will have to pay cash and are refunded by their government afterwards.

Dependants 18 or older, attending school, apprenticeship, or unemployed have to join the Netherlands Health Insurance at their own cost. The E-106 standard form of the home Nation will not cover them. In case of any employment in the Netherlands a mandatory membership in the Netherlands Health Insurance is a legal requirement.
Furthermore European Health Insurance Providers offer a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that is provided for travelling through European Countries. It covers though emergency care only. Each TCN has probably made arrangements with several European countries and such cases should be discussed with the Health Care Provider of the home country as well, before starting a "private journey".

Even if arrangements were made between the sending Nation and the Nation people are travelling in, in some cases they will be charged in cash. This fact should be discussed with the National Health Care Authorities of the home country, as well.
There is also a big difference between the Nations in the total costs covered. Additional temporary insurance might be recommended depending on what is covered and what responsibility falls on the individual service member.

Dutch Medical Services at HQ JFCBS

0800 - 1700 Health Centre, Brunssum
Tel: 088-950 2717 option 1 for emergency, option 3 for regular calls

Dental Clinics
Address: Akerstraat 91,
6417 BK Heerlen
Tel: 045/571-4552

German Medical Services at HQ JFCBS
Address: Brunssum,
Akerstraat 57
Physician Orderly Room: Tel. 045 / 526-2330/2363
Dentist Orderly Room:
Tel. 045 / 526-3147
The German physician is responsible for the German military personnel only. The German Dentist has permission to treat soldiers and their dependants, if the capacity allows him to do so. Soldiers are always privileged patients! The service of the German Dentist is not free of charge for other nations or any dependants.

Dutch Medical Services/artsen, huisartsen

In the Netherlands your general practitioner will guide you through the Health Care System. He will decide whether you have to be sent to an hospital or to a medical specialist. In cases, which are not life threatening, it is mandatory that patients get in contact with a general practitioner first. You will find all necessary information regarding this issue on the Internet: www.goudengids.nl - searching for: artsen-huisartsen - and further information with the post code search is offered at www.artsenzorg.nl. You are strongly advised to get in contact with a general practitioner in the vicinity of your home in the Netherlands soon after your arrival.

It is recommended to talk to your national Medical Health Care Provider about the coverage of the costs before getting dental treatment.
Medical "On Call Duty" in the Netherlands:

For Emergencies in the Netherlands call: 112
With this number you can call for an ambulance in case of an accident or life threatening diseases such as i.e. stroke, heart attack, fits etc.

Emergency Service Call Center NL
At weekends, on Dutch holidays and after work from 17.00 till 08.00 hours the medical emergency service should be used for sickness and minor diseases when the local general practitioner can not be reached.
In the region of Limburg there are three points of contact in charge, depending on where you live: Heerlen, Sittard and Maastricht. They are located directly in the hospital or in a building right next to the hospital. At these places you will always find a general practitioner, who will decide what follow up strategy might be useful in your case.

Southeast Limburg Night Care Heerlen:
Address: Henri Dunantstraat 3, 6417 PB Heerlen
(at the Zuyderland hospital)
Tel. 045-5778844

Southwest Limburg - Huisartsenpost Maastricht:
Address: P. Debyelaan 25,
6229 HX Maastricht (at the Maastricht UMC)
Tel. 043-3877777

Sittard - Huisartsendienst Westelijke Mijnstreek:
Address: Elisabeth van Barstraat (close to the Zuyderland hospital) Sittard,
Walramstraat 23,
6131 BK Sittard
Tel. 046-4009925

Hospitals in Germany (close to HQ JFCBS)

In case you have or want to use German medical facilities, the following options are open to you:
Address: St. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus,
Martin-Heyden-Str. 32, 52511 Geilenkirchen
Areas of expertise: internal specialist, surgery, emergency surgery and orthopaedics, ear-nose and throat, anaesthesia and intensive care
Tel. 0049-2451-622-0

Address: Städtisches Krankenhaus Heinsberg,
Auf dem Brand 1, 52525 Heinsberg
Areas of expertise: internal specialist, surgery, emergency surgery, gynaecology and midwifery, anaesthesia and intensive care. Ear-nose and throat and ophthalmology /eye surgery only on call.
Tel. 0049-2452-188-0

Address: Uniklinikum der RWTH, Pauwelstr. 30, 52074 Aachen
University hospital with all areas of expertise Tel. 0049 / 241 / 80-0 der 0049-241-80-84444

Schedule of intake for hospitals in Aachen:
During the week 8:00 - 16:00 hrs:
All hospitals mentioned below!
During the week (after hours) 16:00 - 8:00
Monday: Luisenhospital,
Boxgraben 99,
Tel.: +49 241 4140
Tuesday: Universitätsklinikum,
Pauwelstraße 30,
Tel.: +49 241 800
Wednesday: St. Franziskus Krankenhaus,
Morillenhang 27,
Tel.: +49 241 75010
Thursday: Marienhospital,
Zeise 4,
Tel.: +49 241 60060
Friday: Universitätsklinikum, Pauwelstraße30,
Tel.: +49 241 800

Weekends and Dutch holidays (24 hours a day):
First week of the month: Luisenhospital
second week of the month: St.Franziskus-Krankenhaus
third week of the month: UniversitätsklinikumAachen
fourth week of the month: Marienhospital
fifth week of the month: Universitätsklinikum Aachen

Pharmacy / apotheken in the Netherlands
Information about the Pharmacy's will be provided in the Gouden Gids (www.goudengids.nl) apotheken. Just select the region you live in and on the map shown in the Internet will direct you to the pharmacy, which is "on call". They will give further information when you call them during working hours:
Telephone +31455741004.
Address: Henri Dunantstraat 5, Heerlen 6419 PC
Further information will be available on the Internet: www.dassenburchtapotheek.nl

Midwives / vroedvrouwen in the Netherlands
The leading record of midwives in this region is "Safety and Security". Therefore midwives, nurses and physicians will provide every necessary support to you and your families. Midwives in the Netherlands are well known for their good service. They work closely with general practitioners, gynaecologists and hospitals.

Physical Therapy / Fysiotherapeuten in the Netherlands
Information about Physical Therapists will be provided in the Gouden Gids (www.goudengids.nl) Fysiotherapeuten. Just select the region you live in and there will be a map shown in the Internet that will direct you to the location.

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