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Life in the Headquarters

Working Hours
Normal working hours at HQ JFCBS are:
Monday to Thursday: 0815 to 1715
Lunch/physical training – one hour to be taken between 1200 – 1400.
Friday - 0815 – 1500
Lunch/physical training – one hour to be taken between 1200 – 1400.

During duty hours and, in accordance with national regulations, all military personnel will wear uniforms. Most NATO nations have summer and winter uniforms. You should obtain guidance from your national authorities before you arrive.
Military Courtesies and Customs
Military personnel at HQ JFCBS are required to maintain a high standard of military courtesy. All military personnel in uniform will render the appropriate courtesies. Outdoors, salutes will be given by other ranks to all officers and by junior officers to senior officers in accordance with national guidelines.

Compliments (salutes and/or greetings) are paid in the appropriate national manner when indoors. Each National Delegation is responsible for briefing all ranks on the observance of national customs and international courtesies. HQ JFCBS personnel are expected to show courtesy and friendliness to Netherlands citizens, since this will reflect favourably on the activities of HQ JFCBS and NATO.

Privilege leave is governed by national regulations. The number of days leave granted annually to HQ JFCBS military personnel is governed by their respective national regulations. Leave entitlement for civilians is laid down in their regulations. All personnel are encouraged to take their authorized annual leave entitlement.

There are more than 150 civilians working at Brunssum Hendrik Camp. About 90 of them are NATO Civilians holding a wide range of positions covering secretarial, budget, technical services and many others. From the founding of HQ AFCENT in France in 1953 until today, they have made an important contribution to maintaining continuity and providing corporate knowledge. Whilst military personnel may stay two, three or four years, many NATO Civilians are employed on an indefinite contract.
NATO Civilians are drawn from all NATO countries. Not only are they able to provide expert advice and valuable background knowledge on NATO matters, but also, in many cases, they have set up home here and know the Limburg area very well. Thus they can assist in local matters and help to make your stay in the Netherlands more enjoyable.

NATO Civilians, hired under permanent contracts according to the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations are represented by and members of the Civilian Staff Association, which is designed to support their professional and social interests, and to foster good relations among members. The other category of civilians is the 100 Local Wage Rate employees (LWRs), most of whom are Dutch citizens. They fall under the conditions and regulations laid down by HQ JFCBS in accordance with the Netherlands Civil Laws. Most AF LWR (80) employees are skilled craftsmen and make an important contribution to the maintenance of this Headquarters.

Another group of LWR personnel - NAF LWRs (50) - serves the Headquarters in the community services, such as recreational activities and the various clubs. LWRs are represented by the LWR Workscouncil.

HQ JFCBS Directive 40-1
You are advised to read HQ JFCBS Directive 40-1 (Manpower and Personnel Management and Administration) for more details about working hours, dress and leave regulations.

Contacts with the Media
If representatives of the media approach you, please do not try to deal with them yourself, but refer them to the Public Affairs Office at 045 526 2409 or 06 4280 8457.

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