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Registration of HQ JFCBS Personnel and Family Members
RegistrationAs soon as possible after arrival, service personnel, civilian personnel and family members are required to report to the Passes and Permits Office in Building 102 to register themselves. For more information, call them at HQ JFCBS ext. 4303.

Service personnel must produce a valid national military identity card. Civilian personnel must produce a valid passport. After obtaining identification cards at the Pass Office, registration of non-military HQ JFCBS personnel and family members is required at Building 100 at the Office of the Royal Marechaussee. Customers will need a passport size photograph that is taken at the Pass Office for a small charge.
Registration of Aliens
Town hall
All military members of NATO Forces in the Netherlands need to visit the office of the Royal Marechaussee for the Alien registration.  The Marechaussee  office is the town hall for members of NATO forces in The Netherlands, since they will not be registered at the Dutch local town hall itself.

At the office we will register the military members ( and their family)  and inform the town hall where they will live. Please bring the following documents for the registration:
  • Passport or identification card
  • JFC identity card
  • Copy of the  house rental agreement or lease form of the housing office
  • 2 pass photo’s  (not for military personnel)
Permit of residence
Further family members of non-Dutch personnel must  apply here for a permit of Residence, even when both parents are military. Non-Dutch civilian personnel must also apply for the permit of residence. Registration must be done within eight days of arrival in the Netherlands.
On completion of registration, a Permit of Residence (also known as a "Green Card\u201d) will be issued. This is the legal authority for non-Dutch nationals to reside in the Netherlands. The holder must carry this permit at all times. Only in the Netherlands this may be used as an identity document in place of a passport.

Loss of a Permit of Residence must be reported in person to the Royal Marechaussee Office for re-registration.

Burger Service Number (BSN)
The Royal Marechaussee can also help when a Burger Service Number(BSN) is needed. We provide you a declaration form that states that you ( and your family) live in The Netherlands. The form is needed to get a BSN at the local tax office.

The Royal Marechaussee Office must be notified on the following events:
  • Arrival
  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Change of address
  • Final departure
All other circumstances affecting alien registration or town hall issues
It is also advisable that notification is given to the Royal Marechaussee Office in the event that JFC HQ Brunssum members receive visits of non-Dutch nationals, if their visit to the Netherlands is in excess of eight days. They can be advised on registration of the visitors.

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