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German Reception 2016

On Thursday the 6th of October, just three days after the German Reunification Day, the German Senior National Representative Allied Headquarters Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), Major General Walter OHM, welcomed guests to the German Reception event. Addressing not only the JFCBS Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Generals Fernando ALEJANDRE and Janusz ADAMCZAK, respectively, General OHM narrated Germany’s journey from the end of World War II, through the integration of West Germany into the NATO structure, the Cold War years and the collapse of the Iron Curtain, through to the manifold challenges facing it today. In addition to the historical relevance of NATO the audience were reminded that NATO plays a significant role in today’s security architecture and is committed to tackling present and future tasking.

Having digested the contents of the speech the guests partook in a selection of traditional German food and drinks. The event culminated with an arrangement of German military music, kindly performed by the German Army Music Corps from Koblenz.

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