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Polish Constitution Day celebrated at JFC Brunssum

Brunssum, the Netherlands - On Wednesday, the 21st of May 2019, Polish soldiers of the Brunssum garrison in the Netherlands, together with invited guests and friends, commemorated and celebrated the 3rd May Constitution Day. 

Celebration of the 228th anniversary of the adoption of the 3rd May Constitution  Day, as every year,  was a very important moment for Polish soldiers.
The Senior National Representative of Polish soldiers at JFC Brunssum, Colonel Robert Wierzbinski, was honoured to extend his gratitude to invited distinguished guests, who joined the Polish Community to share this special moment.  VIPs included: the Commander of JFC Brunssum, General Riccardo Marchiò;  the Deputy Commander JFC Brunssum, Lieutenant General Stuart Skeates; and the Chief of Staff JFC Brunssum, Lieutenant General Hubert de Reviers de Mauny.

The event provided a great opportunity to present medals on behalf of the Polish authorities by Colonel Robert Wierzbinski to Polish soldiers.  Of particular note, this year, one of the JFC Brunssum soldiers serving with Polish soldiers received a medal awarded by the Polish authorities.

Upon completion of the formal element of the ceremony, participants enjoyed tasting an array of Polish dishes prepared especially for the occasion.
The Constitution proclaimed on 3rd of May in 1791 in Poland was the first such document in Europe, the second in the world.  The ratified Constitution was the first constitution in modern Europe regulating the organization of state authorities, the rights and obligations of citizens.  It mobilized the Polish elite.  The Constitution showed that Polish people can rule, that they have an understanding of statehood   and can build democracy from a very difficult position. The purpose of the government’s action was to rescue Poland, whose territory was diminished as a result of the partition carried out by Russia, Prussia and Austria, in 1772.

Just two days after the Constitution was passed by the Polish Parliament, 3rd of May was declared a national holiday, which was later suspended for a long time due to the country's occupation.  3rd May Constitution Day was restored after regaining independence in 1918.  After the Second World War, in 1946, the communist authorities forbade public celebration of this event.  In 1951, the holiday was officially abolished.  From 1990, on the 3rd of May, it is once again an official public holiday in Poland.

The proclamation of the 3rd May Constitution has received wide coverage throughout Europe.  According to many historians, Poland regained its independence three times: on 3rd of May 1791; on November 11, 1918; and on June 4th, 1989.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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