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JFC Brunssum Facilities

as of 27 May 2020

Pass and Registration (P&R).

i. P&R will conduct services by appointment only. Requests for appointments can be made during service days; Tuesdays for NATO ID cards between 0900 - 1200hrs and on Thursdays for vehicle registration between 0900 1200hrs by email: passandregistration@jfcbs.nato.int. P&R personnel will contact the requestor to confirm an appointment. P&R will allow a maximum of 6 appointments per morning. Personnel from P&R will decide if your request is critical. Be aware, the P&R group mailbox is not monitored daily. If you send an appointment request on Monday or Wednesday for the immediate following Tuesday or Thursday, we cannot guarantee it will be scheduled. Please plan ahead. 

ii. Critical ID card appointments will be taken for members required to be physically present at JFC in support of mission critical duties outlined in the COS order; for critical HN services, specifically HECTAS cleaning services or NLD MOD guards; or if you are near your End of Tour date and require a temporary extension due to your country's Stop Movement orders. Both of these situations still require coordination through your national delegation and J1 Manpower Division. Please plan ahead and check your expiration date. 

iii. Critical appointments for vehicle registration to de-register a vehicle for an assignment transfer must include a copy of their official movement order in the appointment request email. Annual re-registration requirements are temporarily waived. 

iv. Dutch Customs is available Monday till Friday from 0800-1200hrs. Taxexemption form fees are temporarily waived.

v. FORAX fuel cards will be automatically extended. If your fuel card is unexpectedly deactivated, contact the Pass & Registration section by email, and keep all petrol station receipts. You may request a tax refund through Dutch Customs at a later date.

 vi. If you have questions only regarding ID card or vehicle registration issues you may contact the P&R section via the group mailbox, or via telephone at +31 (0)45 526 4301 for NATO ID cards (Tuesdays only) or +31 (0)45 526 4302 for vehicle registration (Thursdays only) between 0830-1230hrs

Morale and Welfare Activities (MWA).

i. Miners Rest. Opening times; Mon-Fri from 0900 - 1300hrs take away only. 

ii. B&S store. The B&S Central Store will be open Monday- Friday from 1100-1700. Whether you shop for a good price, quality, convenience or a specific item, all your needs will be met at the B&S Central Store duty-free Retail shop. Beginning 2 June 2020, the B&S Store hours will be extending from 1000-1800. *Closed on the weekends*

iii. International Housing office will be available via email (preferred) housingoffice@jfcbs.nato.int or phone +31 (0)45 526 2135.

iv. All JFCBS Sport Facilities such as Gym, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Sport fields are closed. However the showers at the Gym can be used on Mon-Fri from 0800 - 1700hrs. 

v. Online fitness video utilising body weight exercises (no special fitness equipment required) will be conducted on Tue and Thu at 1130hrs. Online fitness videos will be posted on our FB Page: JFC Brunssum Happenings. 

vi. CCS Car rental. There will be an appointment based service only via email contact@car-rental-brunssum.com. 

vii. AON insurance office. The Office is closed. However, services will be continue via email; jfc@aon.nl. Request to be called or emailed. If there is an urgent matter, please mention this in the email. 

viii. NATO distant learning. Access can be created via email address https: //www. natoschool. nato. int or https ://jad I .act. nato. int. 

ix. Brunssum Library. Till 18 June there will be a Spring Reading Program. Get started by registering at the link below or signing in with your existing account http://brunssumlibrary.beanstack.org. 

x. Suzanne's Barbershop, Starting from 11 MAY 2020, is open for appointments only and can be made via phone: 045 526 2957. Initially the shop will open as normal Mon-Fri 0830-1700. Once opened, depending on the work load business hours may be altered. Please limit cash transactions, try to use only pin machine.

Mitigation Measures: Sanitizer will be available at the entry point for everyone to use prior to going inside the salon.Customers will be asked about any symptoms before entering the salon. Suzanne's staff will be wearing face masks, however customers are not required. The waiting chairs will be moved into the hallway. Beard trimming will not be offered at this stage. Blow drying will be kept to a minimum and all hair will be washed. Suzannes' will sanitize all the chairs, pin machine after every transaction to ensure your safety and health and we will maintain proper social distancing between the beauticians and their customers. New disposal gowns will be used for every customer.

xi.  The JFC Alliance Theater, Starting from 11 MAY 2020, will re-open for official military meetings (max. attendance 82 people), please inquire about avaliability and mitigation measures by sending an email to jfcalliancetheater@gmail.com.

Once the Army and Air Force Exchange Service resumes sending out movies for showings, we will create a movie schedule.

xii.  The Frame Shop, located at the Arts and Crafts Center will re-open Tuesday-Thursday from 1000-1400.

Mitigation Measures: Only one customer at a time at the service desk. Customers must call in advance: 045 526 3821 for an appointment, also to pick up any completed work

xiii. ABN Amro Bank located on JFC Brunssum will re-open Tuesday-Thursday for in-person appointments. Kevin Seden, ABN AMRO Bank Advisor, will be taking appointments for new and current members by requesting an appointment via email: nato@nl.abnamro.com. A lot of banking needs can be done via mobile, internet and video banking, so Kevin will be resolving issues through these methods, if possible. If your request cant be fulfulled via these channgels, he will set up an in-person appointment at our JFC Branch.

Mitigation Measures: Keep 1.5m distance during the appointment, a max. of 6 appointments a day, hand sanitizer will provided in the front of the office and a safety screening during face-to-face meetings.


i. The tennis courts, starting from 12 MAY 2020, are located behind the swimming pool. Please practice social distancing and sanitiation measures.
ii. The sportsfields/track, starting from 14 MAY 2020, will open for individual and family use only, to include the tennis courts located adjacent to the sportsfields. Large group activities are not allowed until further notice in addition to the use of the BBQ area is off-limits. The office will remain closed during this time.If the area is being used by other families simultaneously please adhere to the social distancing rules.

iii. The swimming pool, starting from 2 JUNE 2020, will re-open for lap swim Monday-Friday during the hours of 1100-1400. There will be 3 shifts of swimming (11.00, 12.00 & 13.00), limited 5 patrons per shift. *Only JFCBS personnel, no family members.
Mitigation Measures: Patrons must schedule a reservation by calling 045 526 3172. Reservations will be taken on the 29 May 2020 from 0900-1100 *ONLY for the following week. After the first week, reservations can be made from the 2 June, 2020 from 1030-1430 daily. You can reserve up to 3x in one week.Swimmers are required to sanitize changing booths with the provided sanitation wipes.
Swim Schedule:
  1. Group 1: 1055 arrival, lap swim from 1100-1140, departure 1150
  2. Group 2: 1155 arrival, lap swim from 1200-1240, departure 1250
  3. Group 3: 1255 arrival, lap swim from 1300-1340, departure 1350

Host Nation (HN) Services

i. Foreign Nation Registration Office (FNRO). All Non Dutch NATO personnel and their dependants, residing in The Netherlands, should be registered through the Royal Marechaussee/FNRO in Building H-100 at JFC Brunssum. If you are not registered or did move inside The Netherlands, changed passports, had a new born you should contact the FRNO at +31 (0)45-526 3191 or +31 (0)88-9512475 or via email kmar.rmr@mindef.nl. Opening hours FNRO are Mon-Thu 0830-1500hrs and Fri 0830-1400hrs. 

ii. Dutch Medical Services. The Medical Services in Building H-308 are open from Mon-Fri 0800-1700hrs. Without appointment it is not granted to visit the Medical Service. Appointments have to be made on forehand via +31 (0)88-9502717. This phone number provides also information about Night Care possibilities after duty hours.

Other BSG Services.

i. For Base Support Services requests or questions contact the Base Support Coordination Cell; email bscc@jfcbs.nato.int.

ii. The JFCBS Motor Pool will be working on call. All transportation and/or vehicle requests can be sent to bscc@jfcbs.nato.int at least 2 days prior to the mission. Requesters will be contacted about the pick-up details.

iii. The Reprographic Section will be working on call. All reprographic requests can be sent to bscc@jfcbs.nato.int at least 1 day prior. Requestors will be contacted about the pick-up details.

iv. RLS Helpline. An RLS Helpline has been established within the Base Support Group Coordination Cell. The intent is to provide staff with a single point of contact during working hours for all RLS matters. RLS Helpline: +31 (0)45 526 2200. 

v. HN/Local Authorities Liaison. Liaison with the HN and local authorities is extremely important to managing the JFCBS response to the pandemic and ensuring our people are appropriately informed. The point of contact for coordination and cooperation with HN and Local Authorities is the COM BSG, via the BSG BSCC: +31 (0)45 526 2200; email: bscc@jfcbs.nato.int. 

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