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JFCBS FRAGO 056 - Key Points - 21 January 2021

The following are key points extracted from JFCBS FRAGO 056.  The FRAGO came into effect 1600 Mon 18 Jan and is valid until further notice:

The recent uptake in COVID numbers around the world is an increasing cause for concern. Travel has been identified as a major factor in the spread of the virus; therefore, a balance has been struck between allowing essential military travel and allowing cross-border workers to commute, whilst also limiting non-essential travel.

For staff returning to the Netherlands from other countries, in order to reduce the risk of transmission, COS has decided to limit access to the JFCBS HQ buildings.  Personnel absent from the Netherlands for more than 72 hrs now require a negative PCR/antigen test undertaken within the last 48 hrs and approval of return to work, from the 2* level, in order to avoid the mandatory quarantine period of 10 days.  

All staff travelling on regular or routine NATO or National business, or personal travel, do not yet have the opportunity to undertake a test on camp.  JFCBS staff who require a PCR or antigen test will have to book tests with private providers regardless of reason.  NATO will refund individuals for NATO travel related expenses.

All TDYs require 2* approval and must be operationally Mission essential. All visits to the HQ Must be authorized by a 2* and all visitors should be at GO Level. All exemption to quarantine requests are to be approved at 1* /ACOS level

All measures stipulated in FRAGO 056 apply to access to Castlegate.  

SNRs are kindly requested to brief the content and impact of this FRAGO to national staff with a focus on the requirements for quarantine and testing upon return from absence. The SNR authority to grant an exemption for staff to return to work after travelling outside the Netherlands for more than 72 hrs has been rescinded

For a list of the tasks to subordinated units in this FRAGO, check JFCBS FRAGO 056 on the NIP.

A list of COVID mitigation measures to be enforced in the HQ follows:

  • Anyone with any symptoms of flu or COVID is to stay away from work.
  • Quarantine for staff after travelling remains the default setting.
  • Self-discipline is required by all in following these orders.
  • Leaders must enforce the mitigation measures.
  • Contact tracing by Branches remains mandatory.
  • No visits to the HQ without 2* approval.
  • No conferences to occur in HQ without 2* approval.
  • Virtual meetings to be the norm.
  • Minimise physical meetings.
  • Minimise TDY travel to Mission Essential only.
  • Use VTCs wherever possible.
  • Stay away from the JOC.
  • Work early starts and late finishes if necessary.
  • Follow current mitigation measures in place (mask requirement, social distancing).
  • If in doubt, take the cautious approach and quarantine.
  • Comply will all national laws and regulations.
  • Anyone who is displaying symptoms of COVID is to book a PCR test through normal NLD medical channels and inform the COVID Response Cell, SNR and Line Manager. 

 COVID Test Providers



Phone Number


Ease Travelclinic

Maastricht, Sittard, Heerlen, Venlo



Covidtest Limburg

Paris Boulevard 205, 6135LJ, Sittard



De Koumen 146, 6433KE, Hoensbroek

Frigate Road 52b, 6222NZ Maastricht

CHC Notre Dame Hermalle

Rue basse hermalle 4681 Hermalle (Belgium)

04 277 0441





www.liege.be/fr/actualites/de pistage-covid-19

Village Testing

Liege Airport




Antwerpen, Gand, Brussels


testcovid. be

MVZ Labor Krone GbR

Bad Salzuflen



MVZ Labor Augsburg



www. labor-augsburg-mvz. de

Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum SYNLAB Bonn GmbH




MVZ Dr. Eberhard & Partner Dortmund




Laborinstitut ZOTZ/KLIMAS



zotzklimas. de

Labor Dr. Wisplinghoff




Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum SYNLAB Leverkusen GmbH



www. syn lab. de/lab/leverkusen

Bioscientia Moers



www.bioscientia.de/de/standor te/moers

MVZ Labor Dr. Stein + Kollegen




MVZ Labor Munster







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