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JFCBS FRAGO 056 - Key Points - Amendment 1

Maintaining JFCBS Operational Capability in a COVID-19 Safe Environment FRAGO 056, Amendment 1 – Key Points 

To ensure the highest possible validity, applicability, and efficacy in tackling COVID-19, amendments to FRAGO 056 have been made.

The following are key points extracted from amendment 1.  FRAGO 056 came into effect 1600 Mon 18 Jan and, together with these amendments, remains valid until further notice:

•In order to provide greater ability to manoeuvre to Local Wage Rate (LWR) and daily cross-border workers the requirement to have a test, following a period of more than 72 hours outside The Netherlands, has been relaxed for those who do not have a permanent residence in The Netherlands and, for LWRs who do not work a full working week, in the HQs. However, if daily cross-border workers or LWRs go on leave they are not exempt the requirement.

•Entry to the HQs by non-Netherlands based external staff must be approved beforehand at the 2*/DCOS level.

•Physical attendance at any School/College must be approved at COS level; approval authority for this from all external institutions and 2*/DCOS’ is rescinded.  

•On-site testing has been made available for NATO cardholders for a reduced fee. NATO will reimburse personnel authorised to conduct mission-essential ‘NATO related travel’ through normal reimbursement procedures; however, those travelling on national or personal business cannot submit claims for NATO reimbursement.

•Personnel travelling daily to Geilenkirchen or Belgium for training, NSE business or medical appointments are not required to test on return. 

•The requirement to wear masks within the HQs has been included in this amendment.

Documentation for personnel conducting mission essential tasks, necessitating exemption from NLD national restrictions can be found in annexes E, F, and G to amendment 1.

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