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Deterrence and Defence


NATO is facing complex security challenges – assertive authoritarian regimes, terrorism, cyber and missile threats, disruptive technologies and climate change. The NATO security environment only became more demanding after Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

In response, the NATO Alliance is undertaking its largest adaptation since the Cold War, including the implementation of the Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area, or more simply, ‘DDA,’ in keeping with a new Strategic Concept.

Who are we defending? Our one billion citizens, and the values our societies share: democracy, freedom, and the international laws that promote peace and prevent war.

Who are we deterring? Anyone that may threaten our security, with a specific focus on Russia and organized terror groups. Our 31 NATO nations face continuous, evolving, and multi-directional threats, targeting our territories, technologies, economies, institutions, citizens, and our collective values.

The DDA-concept seeks to counter these threats by providing a common framework for deterrence and defence in peace, crisis, and war. The concept shifts NATO’s efforts from reacting to crises to deterring crises.

Regardless of the scale, intensity, complexity or tempo of our activities, NATO will remain vigilant and strong in its deterrence and defence posture. We will ensure that we are able to protect – and if need be defend – every inch of Allied territory and all our people living therein.

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