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JFC Brunssum is the leading Headquarter for the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2020.

Exercise Trident Jupiter 19 (TRJU19) is the certification exercise for the NRF.

The TRJU19 exercise campaign is the largest and most complex exercise planned and executed by the Alliance's Joint Warfare Centre (based in Stavanger, Norway) to date.  

It involves two linked exercises ranging from Small Joint Operations to Major Joint Operations Plus.  Both exercises are large regarding the number of forces participating, which serves to make the exercise construct bigger than ever before.  

The first part, TRJU19-1 (just concluded), trained the NRF20 force package at Small Joint Operations scale, and evaluated/certified the NRF20 Component Commands and Naval Striking & Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), based at Oeiras, Portugal, as a NATO Expanded Task Force to further improve military interoperability and readiness.  

The second part, TRJU19-2, will train participants within a Major Joint Operation Plus Command and Control construct at scale in order to evaluate and certify JFC Brunssum as a Joint Task Force HQ; TRJU19-2 will be conducted in March 2020.  

Both exercises are Article V, high-intensity operations against a peer adversary contesting NATO in all warfare domains.

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