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Brilliant Exercise Series Update

As the start of a series of four exercises (the others being Trident Joust, Brilliant Jump Phase II – Deployment Exercise, and Brilliant Capability) the Brilliant Jump 2016 Alert Exercise kicked off with a broad variety of Allied and National Headquarters Units participating, including: Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (Belgium); Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (Netherlands); NATO Rapid Deployable Corps (Spain); the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (multiple locations); Multinational Corps North-East (Poland); NATO Force Integration Unit (Poland); and numerous military Headquarters and units within Albania, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
Alert and alarm drills such as those undertaken between 1st and 10th April are tools designed to evaluate the status of High Readiness Forces - in this case with a focus on the NATO Response Force’s ‘Very High Readiness Joint Task Force’ (VJTF) currently residing in Spain. At the end of this road, Multinational Corps North-East will be certified as the Land Component Command for the land element of the VJTF.
The Exercises are part of NATOs enhanced exercise program and assurance measures – the two pillars of the Readiness Action Plan (RAP). At the end the NATO Summit in Warsaw will assess what has been achieved over the last two years, and will pave the road to future. Overall the Brilliant Jump series exercises are contributing to the enhanced safety of the region.

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