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International Troops staging and integrating in Zagan in Preparation for exercice BRILLIANT JUMP 2016

 Zagan, Poland – The Military Training Area Zagan saw today a massing up of troops preparing for the upcoming training.
Approximately 1500 troops two thirds of the exercising troops are already in place. These units are now following the typical military procedures: Unloading equipment, weapons and ammunition, setting up command posts und accommodations and starting with familiarization to the area including first training activities like live-fire exercises. Tropps from Albania and the United Kingdom joined the already in place troops from the Spanish Very High Readiness Joint Taskforce (VJTF) Brigade BRILAT and the hosting Polish troops, all participating troops are now present. The troops arrived by land, air and sea as well as combined to the training area of Zagan in the South West of Poland.
It’s obvious that the VJTF has developed from an interim Force to one that is fully capable, which can deploy within a few days and move at a short notice in order to respond to any challenges. This exercise is showcasing their readiness, quality and joint capability.

Brilliant Jump 2016 DeployEx as the third in a series of four exercises taking place in Poland is also demonstrating the "new normal" of continuous, contiguous and meaningful Land, Air, Maritime and Special Operations Force (SOF) presence and activity, in the face of new and emerging challenges to its security. In doing so, it demonstrates the full breadth of its military capabilities to rapidly provide collective defence against the full range of threats.

Spanish soldiers building the camp.

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