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Exercise TRIDENT JAVELIN 2017 (TRJN17) aims at testing and enhancing NATO command and control in several locations across Europe, and will be the last step in the certification process for the 2018 NATO Response Force (NRF18).

The exercise is a command post, computer assisted exercise with no live fire events. It will take place between 6 and 17 November 2017 and will involve all three levels of the NATO military structure: the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) at strategic level and the Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) at the operational level and the other Headquarters at tactical level.

The exercise was designed and will be directed by, the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway. The fictitious Article V exercise scenario, named “Skolkan 3”, encompasses a military campaign to restore the territorial integrity of Norway.

The joint NATO Headquarters in Brunssum has the responsibility of the overall conduct of the exercise and its role is to operationalize NATO goals given by the political and strategic level, as well as to synchronize the efforts of all subordinate Components.

The main training Headquarters at the tactical level are:

NATO Land Command (LANDCOM), deployed from its location in Izmir, Turkey to Norway as Land Component Command with the responsibility to exercise its ability to conduct full spectrum land operations and to synchronize the command and control (C2) of all land forces in theatre.

NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM), based in Northwood, UK is training as the Maritime Component Command to test and exercise its ability to conduct full-spectrum maritime operations which include sea control, protection of Sea Lines of Communication, strike and amphibious operations.

NATO Air Command (AIRCOM), based in Ramstein, Germany is participating as an Air Component Command (ACC) Headquarters, and will exercise command and control of NATO air forces. The scenario will allow for a high volume of ‘full-spectrum’ air operations. Integrating personnel from the NATO Force Structure, AIRCOM will sustain round-the-clock activity in support of simulated joint operations across Northern Europe.

NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ), based in Mons, Belgium, will exercise NATO Special Operations Forces’ (SOF) capability to command and control multiple subordinate Special Operations Joint Task Forces, comprised of multinational Special Operations Forces and attached support elements, conducting the full spectrum of SOF tasks in multiple Areas of Operation. NSHQ’s mission is to achieve NATO directed strategic and operational-level objectives. This exercise forms part of NSHQ's ongoing activities to develop and refine national and collective SOF capabilities.

The scope and scale of the exercise aims to test the conduct of an Article V operation, in accordance with the Washington Treaty, in order to defend NATO territories and member states populations in order to simulate the most demanding challenges the Alliance might face in today’s security environment, including cyber and hybrid threats.

The play includes interaction with the host nations and International, Governmental, and Non-Governmental Organisations, to train as realistically as possible using a comprehensive approach to support NATO’s core task of collective defence. TRJN17 is a rigorous, challenging and transparent exercise.

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