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Integrated Training and Live Fire at the Peak of Exercise Brilliant Jump 2016

Zagan, Poland - 25 May 2016 – After the successful completion of all phases of the Reception, Staging and Onward Movement (RSOM) process all participating troops are now in place at the Military Training Area in the Southwest of Poland. 

Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, General Salvatore Farina, welcomed high-ranking visitors from the host nation, troop contributing nations and the NATO Command Structure. Amongst others, attending VIPs include: General Mieczysaw Gocul (Polish Chief of Defense); Major General Jeronim Bazo (Chief of General Staff Albania); Admiral Teodoro Esteban Lopes Calderon (Commander Spanish Joint Operations Command); and Admiral Manfred Nielson (Deputy Commander Supreme Allied Command Transformation). 

With a focus on the initial activities associated with the reception of a deployed Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) arriving on Polish soil, General Farina underlined speed as a central feature of the Brilliant Jump 2016 Deployment Exercise to the distinguished visitors group, stating: “A key factor of the enhanced NATO Response Force (NRF) and a core principle of the Readiness Action Plan coming from the Wales Summit, is a rapidly implementable plan. An important part of this is represented by the VJTF, which provides a faster reaction to emerging security threats.” 

Upon arrival at the Zagan Military Training Area, Distinguished Visitors and accompanying Press Corps attended a joint live firing demonstration. In a short speech at this location an impressed General Farina said: “NATO is an Alliance, as evidenced by the eclectic nature of participation in this exercise. For example, the core of the VJTF is the Spanish Brigade ‘Galicia’. But Albania, Poland and the United Kingdom have contributed troops in keeping with the tenets of an enhanced NRF, which is a multi-national force by definition. And finally our hosts, Poland, have played a fundamental role that has helped make this serial a success.” 

Brilliant Jump 2016 will complete Friday the 27th of May.

The NATO Exercise Media Information Centre (NMIC) is established in Swietoszow (Poland) from 17 to 26 May 2016 0900hrs. 

Brilliant Jump 2016 NMIC contacts: 

E-mail: nrf2016pao@gmail.com 

Tel: +48 261 686 121 

Content for Media Publication is available here: 

http://nitv.hq.nato.int/handlers/share.php?getit&share_id=123458536&username=3d186a79 4da50c61158ba938c77c4dbd&password=72edc1a714c55ca37419692e79aab01d&dirId=11 2020 

Requests for information after the de-establishment of the NATO Exercise Media Information Centre should be made to: 

Public Affairs Office 

Joint Force Command Brunssum, the Netherlands 

Tel: +31(0) 45 526 3020 

E-mail: pao@jfcbs.nato.int 

For more information visit: 

JFCBS website: www.jfcbs.nato.int 

Brilliant Jump 2016 page: www.jfcbs.nato.int/page5735825/brilliant-jump-2016 

NATO website: www.nato.int 

SHAPE website: www.shape.nato.int

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