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Commander Joint Forces Command Brunssum Visits the Chief of Defence of the Netherlands

On Thursday 28 July the Commander JFC Brunssum, General Farina, paid a visit to General Tom Middendorp, Chief of Defence of the Netherlands.

After receiving a warm welcome in The Hague, General Farina thanked General Middendorp for hosting the Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCBS) Headquarters on Netherlands' soil.

During the office call, the Generals discussed several topics, starting with the importance of the JFCBS Headquarters for the Limburg region and its' economy. They also emphasized the landmark represented by next year’s 50th anniversary of JFCBS Headquarters in Brunssum.

The discussion also covered the outcomes of the recent Warsaw Summit, NATO’s way ahead on the current and future lines of effort, and significant implications and commitments required both by JFCBS Headquarters and the Netherlands Armed Forces in the near future.

In particular, General Farina gave General Middendorp an operational insight on the four battalion-size units to be based in the Baltic States and Poland as part of the Alliance’s enhanced Forward Presence starting next year, as announced by the Secretary General.

On completion of the office call, Air Commodore Jan Willem Westerbeek briefed General Farina on the current operational deployments of the Netherlands Armed Forces.

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