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Commander’s ‘First 100 Days’ Staff Address

Having been Commander JFC Brunssum for exactly 100 days, and just before headquarters’ personnel embark upon their summer holidays, General Farina took the opportunity to address his staff.

After expressing his warmest condolences to our ally USA hit by the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, General Farina, in an insightful speech, summarized the breadth of recent activities successfully executed by the staff and thanked them for their dedication.  Looking ahead, he encouraged all to recharge and recuperate over the leave period as, post the July NATO Summit in Warsaw, it is likely additional tasks will be forthcoming that are likely to further energize an already busy working tempo.

With an eye to the specific role of JFC Brunssum General Farina stated: ‘we are prepared to follow on the outcomes of the upcoming NATO summit, we are ready to protect, defend and fight, wherever and whenever needed.’
Turning his attention to partners, families and loved ones the General strongly conveyed his gratitude for their continued unwavering support.
‘I think we are on the good path’, concluded the General referring to the achievements of the Headquarters so far and looking ahead to the future commitments.

On completion of his address General Farina awarded Commanders’ Commendations to twentythree personnel from the Headquarters who performed exceptionally well in the past months. A non-commissioned officer was also awarded with the Deputy SACEUR commendation and three personnel will later receive the SACEUR recognition award at SHAPE.

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