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Dutch Chief of Air Staff Calls into JFC Brunssum

Lieutenant General Dennis Luyt, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF), visited Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum.  General Luyt assumed Command over the RNLAF on 10 June 2016 and, as the new Commander, is in the process of visiting all units where RNLAF personnel are stationed.
General Luyt was welcomed by the Deputy Commander JFC Brunssum, Lieutenant General Fermando Alejandre, prior to meeting with RNLAF personnel.  In his remarks to the assembled RNLAF gathering, General Luyt expressed his personal view with regard to the future of the RNLAF and the focus areas he has identified as priorities.  Those areas of focus are: 1) Sustainment of the operational strength of the RNLAF; 2) Transition to a fifth generation Air Force operating the F-35 Lightning II and; 3) Innovation.

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