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Exercise Bold Bonus II Draws to a Close

07 October; Exercise Bold Bonus II – conducted 26 September to 7 October at Headquarters JFC Brunssum – comprised routine Battle Staff Training. This form of activity takes place at least once a year in each Headquarters in NATO’s Allied Command Operations.
The exercise focused on internal staff processes and the development of an essential comprehension of JFC Brunssum’s area of responsibility; an area that encompasses Central and Northern European allied nations.  In keeping with NATO’s commitment to its core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security, the conduct of Bold Bonus was purposely designed to be as realistic and challenging as possible, so as to best prepare the JFC Brunssum staff.
Bold Bonus II was one element of a robust annual training cycle designed to constantly improve and adapt processes and products within the Headquarters.  It was also an excellent opportunity to integrate personnel who have recently joined the Headquarters and develop their familiarity with the NATO Command Structure, NATO working processes and the unique working conditions of a large multi-national organization.
An in-depth review of the outcomes of this exercise is underway.  However, early indications are that Bold Bonus II not only maintained, but improved, JFC Brunssum’s ability to execute Command and Control responsibilities associated with both a Joint Deployable Operational-level Headquarters and a static Joint Operational-level Headquarters.

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