JFC Brunssum conducts a CIMIC training mission in Ukraine

Nov 30, 2016
Kiev, Ukraine - A team of personnel from Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum conducted a Mobile Training Team (MTT) visit to the Ukrainian National Defence University "Ivan Chernyakhovsky" at Kiev, Ukraine, between 21-24 Nov; the purpose of which was to educate Ukrainian officers about the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) contribution to the Operational Planning Process (OPP) and the products that CIMIC officers have to deliver during the different phases of operational planning.
In achieving the aims of the visit, the 5-person team, led by Commander Yasen KENAROV from the Bulgarian Armed Forces, included one member from the CIMIC Centre of Excellence in The Hague and provided several lectures and training scenarios to the Ukranian students. This is the ninth MTT/Expert Team Visit to Ukraine since 2014; each building on the success of previous visits and serving to assist the Ukrainian CIMIC Directorate plans to conduct training for future CIMIC Field Officers; setting the conditions to develop a Ukrainian Training and Education capability at the tactical level.
Ukraine is a valued partnership for peace nation and contributor to NATO mission and exercise planning.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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