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JFC Brunssum Forward Elements Exercise Deployability

Brunssum, Netherlands - High Readiness Elements of JFC Brunssum deployed under the lead of Major General Ohm to the German Logistics Training School at Bremen in northern Germany 12-15 December.  The Forward Coordination Element (FCE) deployed by air on a German C160 via RNLAF Eindhoven to Nordholz Sea-Airbase, while the Operational Liaison Reconnaissance Team (OLRT) deployed in tactical vehicles by road.
After executing a number of training serials at Bremen and redeploying to JFC Brunssum the whole training was deemed a success.  Moreover, the training was of particular value to the newer staff officers and NCOs at JFC Brunssum to practice, test and adjust for their new deployment roles.  As an interesting footnote, Nordholz Sea-Airbase has seen many military manoeuvres over the years, not least being the home for 40 Zeppelin Airships 102 years ago.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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