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Outreach in Action

Brunssum, Netherlands -  Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) was pleased to host a visit of Major General Bakthiyar SYZDYKOV, Kazakhstan's Military Representative to NATO, 21 October.

Welcomed by General Salvatore FARINA, Commander JFC Brunssum, Major General SYZDYKOV was comprehensively briefed on the status of JFCBS missions by Major General van GRIENSVEN, JFCBS' Deputy Chief of Staff (Plans). The aims of this gathering were to enhance the established working relationship and ensure awareness on matters of mutual interest. 
Briefings focused primarily on partnership and the four core missions of the headquarters: Resolute Support in Afghanistan for which JFCBS is the out-of-theatre supporting operational-level headquarters; NATO’s Response Force (NRF) for which Brunssum is the standby headquarters should the NRF be activated until 31 December 2016; strategic communications-led Assurance Measures which aim is to reassure our allies and deter potential adversaries in north-eastern Europe; and Regional Focus, an initiative that facilitates enhanced interaction and situational awareness amongst JFCBS and appropriate NATO members, partners and other stakeholders e.g. International and Non-Governmental Organizations.
Major General SYZDYKOV expressed his country's appreciation for the support provided by JFCBS especially in the realm of training via the regular deployment of Military Training Teams to his nation. In this, he underlined the high standard of professionalism displayed by NATO subject matter experts sent to train and educate Kazak military personnel.  In concluding his remarks he expressed his government's desire to extend the existing relationship in new ways stating: "I hope the cooperation will go on and would like to emphasize the good relations enjoyed by my country with NATO”.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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