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Visit by Finnish Head of Mission to NATO - Ambassador Piritta Asunmaa

Her Excellency Ambassador Piritta Asunmaa (Finnish Head of Mission to NATO), accompanied by Lieutenant General Markku Nikkilä (Military Representative of Finland to the EU and NATO) and Major General Eero Pyötsiä (Deputy Chief of Staff of the Finnish Defence Command), called into JFC Brunssum. Warmly hosted by Commander JFC Brunssum, General Hans-Lothar Domrӧse, briefings were provided on the status of NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan, the NATO Response Force 2016 for which JFC Brunssum is the Standby Command HQs; and the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force which was agreed at the Wales Summit.
General Domrӧse emphasized that the security situation in Northern Europe is a concern for all NATO members and partner nations in the region: "It is not only a concern for the Baltics, but for all the neighbourhood. For us the red light is Article 5 i.e. an attack against one member is viewed as an attack against all members and all will respond”. Her Excellency Ambassador Asunmaa underlined that, for her country, the situation is a concern and as Finland (as a partner nation to NATO) is not entitled to invoke Article 5 "we clearly understand the importance of working with NATO”.
General Domrӧse expressed his gratitude for the excellent levels of cooperation that exist between his headquarters and the Finnish Armed Forces whilst Mrs Asunmaa announced that her country will soon increase its participation to JFC Brunssum by adding a new officer to the staff: "our intention is to go on with our cooperation and even increase it,” she said.
In his closing remarks General Domrӧse stated that JFC Brunssum remains firmly committed to its cooperative activities with Finland, which he qualified as "wonderful”.

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