"Brother Commanders" - General Farina and Admiral Foggo Co-chair the 2nd Bi-JFC Vision Conference in Brunssum

Dec 7, 2017
Brunssum, The Netherlands – General Farina, Com JFCBS, and Admiral Foggo, Com JFCNP, co-chaired the 2nd Bi-JFC Vision Conference.

General Farina opened the Bi-JFC Vision Conference by welcoming the many subordinate commanders in attendance before talking about the separate, but closely linked, nature of the two Commands, stating that "we are brother commanders” and highlighting the increased synchronization between the Headquarters. Commander JFCBS went on to set the tone for the event as "a unique opportunity to gather both NRF (NATO Response Force) communities to focus not only on the challenges of NRF, but on the wider issues” facing NATO. Admiral Foggo welcomed the opportunity to reflect upon 2017, to examine the many dynamic threats that NATO still faces, and to focus on NATO deterrence, specifically: capability, credibility and communication.

The conference addressed the key issues currently facing the 2 Commands, drawing upon lessons learned by JFCNP during stand-by (NRF17) and by JFCBS in their run-up to stand-by (NRF18). The NATO enhanced Forward Presence, training & exercises, the integration of forces and broader NRF issues are just some of the topics that will be examined. The key message from Com JFCBS for the conference participants was that "debate is key” to determining the solutions to the challenges that we, as NATO, are facing.
Story by Public Affairs Office JFC Brunssum

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