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Icelandic and Norwegian Military Representatives to NATO Visit JFC Brunssum

Brunssum, Netherlands - Mr Fridrik Jonsson (Iceland’s Military Representative to NATO) and Vice Admiral Ketil Olsen (Norway’s Military Representative to NATO) visited Joint Force Command Brunssum 16 March in order to familiarise themselves with the Headquarters’ mission, role, tasks and challenges, with a special focus on the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) concept.

 Amongst other things, distinguished visitors were briefed on the way in which JFC Brunssum  is addressing tasks allocated by SHAPE and responsibilities with regard to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan; engagement and outreach; and deterrence and defence. Led by General Salvatore Farina, Commander JFC Brunssum, ensuing discussion was focused on deterrence and defence.
Mr Jonsson and Vice Admiral Olsen highlighted the deep interest their countries have in North Atlantic and the Northern European Continental security issues. General Farina took the opportunity to underline NATO’s unshakable commitment to Collective Defence and emphasize that the security threats confronting NATO today are much more unpredictable now than before. He highlighted that NATO’s eFP is a defensive response to any potential adversary’s aggressive actions and the changed security environment. eFP is defensive in nature, proportionate to the challenge and fully in line with NATO’s international commitments.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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