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JFC Brunssum conducted an Expert Team Visit (ETV) in Georgia

Brunssum, the Netherlands - From 27 November  to  1 December a small team from JFC Brunssum conducted an Expert Team Visit (ETV) in Georgia, on the subject of CIMIC and Public Affairs.

The team, led by Captain Pol Rakower of the J9 MILPART branch, comprised Lt Col Peter Houdijk and Maj Peter Tomas, both from J9 CIMIC, in addition to Lt Col Paul van Harten from PAO. The ETV was held at the Georgian MOD, in the eastern city and Capital of Tblisi. It began on the Tuesday with general presentations on NATO from the JFC Brunssum team.

Over the next 3 days a wide range of briefings were given, on topics that included Support to the Force, Working with Interpreters, NATO Media Relations, and Building Integrity. The ETV was well received by the Georgian audience, who eagerly participated in syndicate work and practical exercises, and who demonstrated a high level of English language skills.

There was also time for a social event on Wednesday evening, which allowed both NATO and Georgian officers and NCO’s to become better acquainted in a less formal setting. The next ETV to Georgia is scheduled to take place later in the month of December.

Story by Public Affairs Office JFC Brunssum

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