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JFC Brunssum Deputy Commander Becomes Spanish Chief of Defence

Brunssum, Netherlands – General Fernando Alejandre relinquished his position as Deputy Commander JFC Brunssum today in order to take up his new appointment, Spanish Chief of Defence, next week.  At the centre of a whirlwind of activity the General visited Madrid earlier this week to meet with his new boss and, importantly, to be officially promoted.  Upon return he set about passing on unfinished business and taking care of personal issues whilst the HQ quickly put appropriate plans in place to mark his departure.
In an address to the Staff of JFC Brunssum the General imparted his thanks for the support he has received and commented upon the enduring importance of NATO as a multi-national security actor on the world stage that brings together nations who share common values.  ‘As I return to national duty and reflect on almost five years in the Alliance (appointment to SHAPE followed by appointment to JFC Brunssum) I am convinced that there is much more that unites us as brothers and sisters in arms than separates us’, stated the General.
In his remarks General Salvatore Farina, Commander JFC Brunssum, thanked General Alejandre for his contribution to JFC Brunssum over the past 500 days and congratulated him on attaining the highest possible rank in a military career.  General Alejandre leaves with the best wishes of all at JFC Brunssum as he sets about the challenges that lay before him.
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Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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