New edition Northern Star magazine issued

Dec 4, 2017

Brunssum, the Netherlands - The picture on the cover of this month’s Northern Star depicts an aircraft landing on the flight deck of a carrier vessel: air and naval assets are part of the capabilities the NATO Response Force can rely on to respond to an emerging crisis, and since 2018 is just beyond the horizon - that horizon visible from the flight control deck on the same picture - JFC Brunssum and the designated multinational components are working hard to get ready for their upcoming NRF commitment.

Indeed, the current issue will guide you through the preparation for the 2018 NATO Response Force, describing how the main components - land, maritime, air and special operations - have been training in order to be certified before entering the stand-by period starting next January.

The ten pages covering this topic will provide you with a background on the Alliance’s quick reaction force and then describe how the series of ‘Brilliant’ exercises tested and validated the individual component commands.

Also, this month our Command Senior Enlisted Leader gives us valuable insight into the latest Bi-Strategic guidelines for NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) emphasizing the importance of training, experience and empowerment to enhance effectiveness in achieving the mission .

Other highlights from the November Northern Star include:
Land Command Corps Commanders Conference addressing command and control issues in the land domain with a focus on enhanced Forward Presence; NATO’s Strategic Direction - South Hub up and running at JFC Naples; an overview of the Romanian Armed Forces and their contribution to the Alliance; the European Defence Agency initiative in the field of Counter-Improvised Explosive Device, with the Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL); our HQ personnel testing their readiness to deploy for missions; the International Brunssum Club calendar of events.

On the last page of the magazine  you will find the first issue of the #WeAreJFCBS initiative linked to the new NATO-wide campaign #WeAreNATO: the aim of our initiative is to introduce personnel from the HQ talking about their jobs with a personal flavour coming from their experience. For the start we chose the Public Affairs Office, to let you know more about us and what we do to communicate about the HQ and NATO activities.

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Story by Public Affairs Office JFC Brunssum


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