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Resolute Support Key Leader Training

Brunssum, Netherlands -  JFC Brunssum is the out-of-theatre operational headquarters for NATO’s Resolute Support mission (RSM), in Afghanistan.  Essentially, this means the headquarters does everything in its power to enable RSM i.e. oversee the development of projects funded by the Alliance (providing airports, roads, buildings, electricity, etc), operationalise strategic guidance, run the NATO budget for RSM, contract local support staff such as interpreters in Afghanistan and, as in this case, conduct Key Leader Training (KLT) that prepares military and civilian staff for deployment. 
Resolute Support KLT is a biannual event organised by JFC Brunssum.  The training forms part of a broader pre-deployment package that provides Key Leaders with a current strategic, geo-strategic and operational overview of the RS mission.

On this occasion some 39 military personnel, from various contributing nations, ranging from the rank of Major to Lieutenant General participated in the training.  All are about to depart for Afghanistan for tours of six months to one year. 
During the training participants were briefed by experts from Allied Command Operations and JFC Brunssum, prior to travelling to Kabul to receive in-theatre orientation briefs at the headquarters of Resolute Support in Kabul.  

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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