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TRIDENT JAVELIN 2017 Completes NATO Commands Certified for Upcoming Participation in NATO RESPONSE FORCE 2018

Brunssum, the Netherlands - Exercise Trident Javelin 2017 (TRJN17) confirms NATO’s readiness and capabilities.  Over the past two weeks the command and control elements of the NATO Response Force 2018 (NRF18) force package have been rigorously tested in a complex Article V scenario that deliberately incorporates the most demanding challenges the Alliance might face.  As a fast changing operational tempo unfolded headquarters’ staffs at all levels were deliberately stressed. 
Significantly, no major shortfalls were identified and the NRF18 command and control element is now certified.  This means that JFC Brunssum is ready to assume the standby NRF command leadership role from JFC Naples with effect 01 January 2018.  In addition, Land, Sea, Air and Special Operations Commands designated for NRF18 are also certified fully ready and capable.  (See IENR for command and control structure here)
The fictitious TRJN17 scenario, designed and directed by NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre, comprised an operation to restore the sovereignty of Norway whilst, concurrently assisting nations adjacent to the Baltic Sea to re-establish security stability in the wake of an increasing number of hybrid and cyber-attacks.  This command post, computer assisted exercise, deliberately generated a range of security threats that could only be countered via the utilization of a comprehensive approach where host nations, International Governmental Organizations and International Organizations successfully collaborated.  This reflects a 21st Century security environment that is becoming ever more complicated and unpredictable. 
General Salvatore Farina, Commander JFC Brunssum and Standby NRF18 Commander said, in a meeting with his component commanders – "There is no doubt Trident Javelin 2017, with its complexity and scale, provided a considerable problem-set for us to overcome.  But let me take this opportunity to say I am more than pleased that we, together, addressed these challenges synchronizing effects at the joint operational level.  There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the NRF18 force package is fully ready in all respects to assume its responsibilities in January – and that is what I will be reporting to SACEUR.  My sincere thanks to you all, and the Joint Warfare Centre, for preparing us in such an exceptional manner.” 
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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