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Commander JFC Brunssum conducts Situational Awareness Trip to Resolute Support mission

Brunssum, the Netherlands – General Riccardo Marchiò, Commander Joint Force Command Brunssum, concluded his second situational awareness trip to NATO’s Resolute Support mission (RSM), in Afghanistan, 10 – 15 June.

This time General Marchiò focused his visit on the Train, Advise and Assist Commands West and North (TAAC-West, TAAC-North).Attending the Relief in Place ceremony of the Italian Task Force in Herat Commander JFC Brunssum stressed, in a short speech, that NATO and its partners remain fully committed to the mission with the intent that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for terrorism. This ties directly to the main message of the recent Defence Ministerial Meeting, in Brussels, where Secretary General Stoltenberg expressed his confidence that NATO will agree to extend funding to the Afghan Security Forces to 2024 at next month’s Summit.

Note: As Commander of the out-of-theatre operational command for RSM General Marchiò ensures JFC Brunssum fulfils its task to prepare, empower and assist those deployed to the mission so as to enable them to concentrate on their daily tasks and responsibilities. For example, amongst other things, JFC Brunssum runs the RSM budget, oversees pre-deployment key leader training and contributes to mission-related plans.
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