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General Marchiò Visits NATOs Maritime Command

Northwood, United Kingdom -  (November 20, 2018) The Commander of NATO Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFC Brunssum), General Riccardo Marchiò of the Italian Army, visited NATO’s Maritime Command (MARCOM) Headquarters, situated to the north-west of London at Northwood, 20 Nov, for discussions focusing on maritime responses to current and emerging security threats.  The General met with the MARCOM Commander, Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone, as well as other members of the command group and subject matter experts.

General Marchiò emphasized that he was "very grateful for the opportunity to visit HQ MARCOM” as he considers "the close relationship with the Single Service Commands as being a crucial step towards building a joint mind-set at the operational level.”

"It is a pleasure to host General Marchiò here at MARCOM HQs and work together to ensure JFC Brunssum can take full advantage of what the maritime has to offer,” said Vice Admiral Johnstone.  "We are all here for the same purpose, the defence of Allied nations.  To ensure our best efforts, coordination and cooperation across the joint spectrum is an imperative.”

As NATO’s theatre-wide operational maritime command, MARCOM works closely with joint commands like JFC Brunssum to deliver maritime power in support of joint campaigns, integrating the activities of ships, submarines and maritime aircraft with the those of land-based air and ground forces to provide NATO with capabilities across all warfighting domains in defence of Allied nations.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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