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JFC Brunssum Conducts Expert Team Visit to Belarus

Minsk, Belarus - A team of personnel from Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum’s Military Partnership Branch conducted an Expert Team Visit (ETV) to the Military Sports Committee at Minsk, Belarus, from 10  – 12 Apr; the purpose of the visit was to provide a general overview of NATO values, objectives, tasks, missions and processes.
The delegation, consisting of Commander Yasen Kenarov, Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Janssen, Major Joakim Larsen and Lieutenant Commander Michelle Ward, conducted a series of briefings oriented on NATO Command and Force Structures, NATO current missions and operations, NATO Operational and Exercise Planning Processes, NATO Logistics Principles and Interoperability, NATO STRATCOM policy, Public Affairs in NATO, Gender perspective in Military Operations, and Civil / Military Cooperation, for the benefit of 17 officers from the Belarussian Armed Forces.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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