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JFC Brunssum Military Partnership with Sweden

Brunssum, the Netherlands - JFC Brunssum’s Military Partnership (MILPART) Operational Capabilities Concept Evaluation and Feedback (OCC E&F) Section was tasked by the Allied Command Operations’ Military Partnership Directorate (MPD) to monitor a Self-Evaluation event of a Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Company assigned to the CBRN Defence Centre in Umeå, Sweden, 17 – 21 Sep.  The NATO Monitor Team (NMT) was led by Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Valéry RODAK (NATO Senior Monitor).  Captain Vasilica VIRJOGHE (from NATO Land Command, Izmir) and Captain Caroline BOUÉ (JFC Brunssum) provided support.
The OCC E&F Programme is a NATO Bi-Strategic Command MILPART initiative formalized in 1999 at the Washington Summit by NATO’s Heads of State and Government.  The programme aims to improve the interoperability and operational capabilities of partner units in order to enhance the relationship between the Alliance and partners contributing to NATO-led operations and to the NATO Response Force (NRF).
Sweden has participated in the OCC E&F Programme for over a decade and, as a consequence, enjoys one of the most mature and experienced OCC partner programmes supplemented by highly skilled evaluators.  The Swedish OCC E&F team planned, organized and executed a thorough self-evaluation, in accordance with NATO requirements and standards, whilst the Swedish unit laid a strong foundation to progress to the next evaluation level which is due to be tested in 2019.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office  

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