PsyOps & InfoOps Expert Team Visit to Uzbekistan

Oct 10, 2018
Brunssum, the Netherlands - From 24 to 28 September a team from JFC Brunssum (JFCBS) conducted an Expert Team Visit (ETV) to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on the subject of PsyOps & InfoOps in NATO. 
Over four days the team, comprising Lieutenant Colonel Dragan Ruzicic and Lieutenant Colonel Gunnar Sivertsen from JFCBS Communications Directorate, and Lieutenant Commander Michelle Ward (staff officer JFCBS Military Partnership Branch), provided a number of briefings. 
The audience was made up of instructional staff from the Uzbek Armed Forces Academy.  Topics presented included Information Environment assessment, Target Audience Analysis and hostile propaganda analysis.  
The event was very well received by all attendees, and provoked numerous thoughtful questions and discussion.  This was the fourth and final ETV to take place in Uzbekistan this year.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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