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Community Relations at JFC Brunssum

Brunssum, the Netherlands – Today, JFC Brunssum hosted a highly successful networking day with visitors from local municipalities, companies, organisations and universities from the South of Limburg. 

The over-arching objective was to improve awareness of NATO and, in particular, the responsibilities of JFC Brunssum and the NATO Air Base at Geilenkirchen.  Fostering and developing good relationships with local communities is something that NATO is extremely keen to sustain.

Lieutenant Colonel Marco Schmidl, Mr Barry Mellor (Deputy Chief Public Affairs) and Twan Thimister (Intern) briefed visitors on the Alliance and JFC Brunssum.  In addition, Captain Albert van Dam (Deputy Chief Public Affairs NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen) briefed the visitors on the AWACS programme and the role of NATO’s Geilenkirchen Air Base.  A very attentive audience then raised a number of thoughtful questions.  

The serial concluded with a sandwich lunch that allowed for networks to be improved and established.
Events such as this are very much welcomed by JFC Brunssum as they provide platforms for dialogue between JFC and community representatives.  In so doing mutual understanding is maximised and working relationships are enhanced.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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