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Nov 15 2019

Exercise Trident Jupiter Draws to a Close

Brunssum, the Netherlands - Yesterday, ten consecutive twelve-hour working days and a relentless, ever-increasing, battle-rhythm tempo came to an end as Exercise Trident Jupiter 2019-1 (TRJU19-1) reached completion.  Many lessons have been learned that, over time, will result in new working practices but, importantly, the NATO Response Force 2020 (NRF20) force package is now certified and, should the North Atlantic Council decide to activate it in the coming year, JFC Brunssum is ready to take command. 

General Bühler, Commander JFC Brunssum and the Officer Conducting the Exercise, stated: ‘exercises such as Trident Jupiter serve to demonstrate the Alliance’s unwavering commitment to Collective Defence; willingness to continuously embrace change in order to deter emerging security threats; and, via the execution of a deliberate policy of transparency, determination to deter potential adversaries through demonstration of cutting-edge military capability that is maintained at high levels of readiness and interoperability. 

This exercise gathered 3000 military and civilian personnel as participants, evaluators and observers.  Altogether thirty NATO member and partner nations participated in nine different exercise locations across Europe.  TRJU19-1 was a pre-planned, pre-coordinated exercise.  It was not the result of any perceived security threat to NATO members.  Importantly, the exercise challenged entities at all levels of military command in order to improve internal processes.  In turn, this allows the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (General Tod D. Wolters) to deploy, when authorised, scalable Joint Forces to deter and, if necessary, defend against an adversary’s military aggression.    

The TRJU19 exercise campaign is the largest and most complex exercise planned and executed by the Alliance’s Joint Warfare Centre (based in Stavanger, Norway) to date.  It involves two linked exercises ranging from Small Joint Operations to Major Joint Operations Plus.  Both exercises are large regarding the number of forces participating, which serves to make the exercise construct bigger than ever before.  The first part, TRJU19-1 (just concluded), trained the NRF20 force package at Small Joint Operations scale, and evaluated / certified the NRF20 Component Commands and Naval Striking & Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), based at Oeiras, Portugal, as a NATO Expanded Task Force to further improve military interoperability and readiness.  The second part, TRJU19-2, will train participants within a Major Joint Operation Plus Command and Control construct at scale in order to evaluate and certify JFC Brunssum as a Joint Task Force HQ; TRJU19-2 will be conducted in March 2020.  Both exercises are Article V, high-intensity operations against a peer adversary contesting NATO in all warfare domains.

In any crisis NATO efforts will continue to include diplomatic activities as part of a wider comprehensive approach and the leveraging of international community actors to convince a potential enemy to change its course    

Story by Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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