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General Bühler Addresses JFC Brunssum Staff


Brunssum, the Netherlands – General Erhard Bühler, Commander JFC Brunssum (JFCBS), conducted his initial staff address today.  He first took the opportunity to express his sincere thanks to the staff for a well-planned and professionally executed Change of Command Ceremony on 31st May.
Moving on, the General explained that in preparing to assume command, he has already conducted an intensive preparation programme that has included visits to almost every headquarters and major stakeholder JFCBS conducts business with.  In doing so he has already established an extensive network of contacts tailored to the needs of his new responsibilities. 
The Commander emphasised six issues he considers key to the sustainment, evolution and improvement of JFCBS outputs over the period of his tenure.  These comprise:
1. The maintenance of a good Team Spirit that includes recognition of partners & families; 
2. The importance of clear and transparent Information, Direction & Guidance, especially within the construct of a multinational headquarters;
3. The supporting role of our out-of-theatre operational-level headquarters to the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan; 
4. The operational-level input to emerging NATO Military Strategy, Concepts & Plans that should be driven by the effects we intend to achieve; 
5. The planning and execution of Training & Exercises at the operational level aimed at achieving concrete and realistic objectives; 
6. The necessity of a structured, systematic approach for our engagements under the ‘Partnership’ umbrella.
In summary, the General stressed he had already formed the opinion JFC Brunssum is a highly capable headquarters that is ready for any mission and ready to embrace transformation to better confront emerging security threats.  ‘I am proud to serve as Commander JFC Brunssum,’ he said as he brought his remarks to a close.
Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office      



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