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General Marchiò visits Resolute Support Mission to Afghanistan

Brunssum, the Netherlands – From 4-7 March, General Marchiò visited NATO’s mission in Afghanistan in order to enhance his situational awareness and align efforts between Joint Force Command Brunssum and the RESOLUTE SUPPORT Headquarters in Kabul. Whilst in theatre he was given an insight into the current situation and also challenges ahead. In addition the General was updated on the status of the continuous adaptation of the HQ working structure, in order for it to be more durable and stable, providing the framework that allows Afghanistan to develop further its capabilities. He also visited the Italian-led command in western Afghanistan to get some first-hand information on the ground as to how the Train, Advise and Assist (TAA) Mission to the Afghan Authorities is evolving in practical terms.

Because the situation in Afghanistan remains complex, trips like these are essential for synchronizing NATO efforts in Afghanistan, as well as ensuring that General Marchiò and the rest of ‘Team Brunssum’ remain the subject matter experts that the Alliance expects them to be.

"As the out of theatre NATO Commander tasked with RESOLUTE SUPPORT, I remain committed to supporting and enabling General Miller and the RS team as they provide training, advice and assistance to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces so that they can deliver Afghanistan the security that it deserves. This is in the interest of all of our nations”, stated General Marchiò.

 Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs office

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