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U.S. B-52 aircraft conduct training flights to Europe

Brunssum, the Netherlands - United States Air Force B-52 Stratofortress aircraft conducted training flights in Europe as a clear and visible demonstration of U.S. commitment to regional security and transatlantic unity. The bombers operated from Royal Air Force Base Fairford in support of National Home Defense Forces. The missions have been closely coordinated with allies and partners in the region.

The B-52s took part in NATO exercises all over Europe. The deployment of these aircraft underlines the transatlantic bond and unity. NATO is strengthening its defense in response to a changed security environment, to deter from conflict, not to provoke one. NATO remains open to periodic, focused and meaningful dialogue. NATO exercises are designed to demonstrably support the deterrence of any potential adversary.

An example for an exercise were B-52 training flights which were conducted with the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Lithuania. NATO has enhanced its presence in the eastern part of the Alliance, with four multinational battle groups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. These battle groups, led by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States respectively, are multinational and combat-ready, demonstrating the strength of the transatlantic bond. Their presence makes clear that an attack on one Ally will be considered an attack on the whole Alliance. NATO’s battle groups form part of the biggest reinforcement of NATO’s collective defence in a generation.

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