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Nov 10 2020

JFC Brunssum / United States European Command Staff Discussions

Brunssum, The Netherlands – Today, Commander Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), General Jörg Vollmer, accompanied by senior leadership staff, conducted talks with their counterparts at United States European Command (EUCOM). Due to COVID restrictions a formal visit was replaced with a video conference which was highly effective and well received.

Discussion focussed on further developing the existing relationship between JFCBS and EUCOM with a particular objective to sustain/improve collaboration and coherence. It is hoped that with this continued co-operation both JFCBS and EUCOM will be better placed to maximise opportunities to work and train together. Future training and exercises within Northern Europe can be of great benefit to both Commands, especially in the generation of a mutual understanding of each other’s capabilities and working processes.


The agenda also touched upon the complex issue of logistical support; specifically, how each entity can best face the challenges of inter-operability and maintenance of readiness. General Vollmer and his staff agreed that future interaction such as this, on a regular basis, will be scheduled as they enhance JFCBS and EUCOM abilities to maintain readiness and assist in the improvement of strategic communications.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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