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The Netherlands Armed Forces supports Netherlands civil authorities in the fight against COVID-19 virus

Brunssum, The Netherlands - 24/7, a Crisis Action Team of the Ministry of Defence in the Hague, aided by military specialists, is planning how the military can support public services. In previous weeks military nurses and doctors have started working in several hospitals in the Netherlands to complement the regular workforce. 

Military medical planners have been supporting the planning effort to help better spread patients in the various Dutch hospitals. This is done in order to prevent an overload of patients within the Intensive Care Units in one region or hospital, a function which was not been arranged nationally before. Military medical equipment has been distributed to various hospitals in the Netherlands, mainly to increase Intensive Care Units capabilities. Beds have been provided for childcare facilities which are taking care of children of people with vital professions like healthcare, police, military or firefighters 24/7. 

Not only in the Netherlands but everywhere within the Kingdom of the Netherlands soldiers support the fight against COVID-19. In the Netherlands Caribbean Islands, soldiers are supporting the building of an emergency hospital and supporting authorities by managing public order. Alongside these supportive positions, the normal daily roles and responsibilities of the Armed Forces, including support to international missions, are still ongoing. 

Soldiers who were to be deployed to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan were quarantined for two weeks in an isolated area at Dutch barracks as a precaution before departure. The Netherlands Armed Forces are continually working to support the nation and all those who reside within the Kingdom of The Netherlands to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on daily life.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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