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Week 30 – Northern Europe Operational Update

Brunssum, the Netherlands - The NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroups in the Baltic States and in Poland rotate their personnel on a regular bases. The British-led eFP Battlegroup in Estonia recently welcomed soldiers from the Danish Guard Hussars Regiment, a highly mobile mechanised infantry unit known as the Vidar Company once deployed on missions. The name ‘Vidar’ refers to Norse mythology while honouring the unit’s more recent history in Afghanistan. After 2 weeks of introductions and training side by side with their allies from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Iceland and host nation Estonia in the Battlegroup, the partners have gained a mutual understanding of each other’s capabilities and fully integrating into the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup family. They quickly solidified their relationships and maintain readiness to fulfil their mission as Denmark’s commitment to a credible collective deterrence for NATO’s eastern flank.

British and Estonian soldiers from eFP Battlegroup Estonia introduce their new Danish colleagues to their equipment.  Photo by eFP BG EST

Their Norwegian colleagues from the Telemark Battalion, serving in the German-led eFP Battlegroup in Lithuania, recently conducted exercise ‘Urban Berserker’ in Panevezys military training area in Northern Lithuania, together with their partners from the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Military operations in urban terrain increase the complexity of their military skills and are equally important to train for as operations in a rural environment. The Telemark Battalion is a renowned mechanised infantry unit of the Norwegian Army that also frequently deploys to NATO missions abroad.

Soldiers from the British Light Dragoons, assigned to the US-led NATO eFP Battlegroup in Poland, have recently brought leading-edge reconnaissance technologies in support of their mission in the Baltic Sea region. The Light Dragoons are a light cavalry regiment with a history in the reconnaissance role. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, aka drones) used by the British soldiers in Poland and Estonia are vital for providing eFP forces with high-tempo intelligence and thus enhancing their defensive capabilities.

Story by Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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