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May 18 2021

COVID-19 Supervised Self-Testing Regime Commences at JFC Brunssum

From the beginning, HQ JFCBS responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a comprehensive set of protective and preventative measures designed to limit the transmission of the virus and mitigate the impact of the global pandemic.

From 17 May, a facility for supervised self-testing has been established at the HQs. All JFCBS personnel can now be tested twice per week, free of charge, at the self-testing site without additional risk to staff, facilities, or the environment. The testing process has been implemented to protect staff, families, and the community in which we work and live. By so doing, we aim to help reduce the potential burden on local medical facilities whilst maintaining our vigilance and sustaining the security of Alliance members throughout northern Europe. While we continue to take all the necessary measures to protect our staff and armed forces, NATO’s operational readiness remains undiminished. The Alliance continues to deliver effective deterrence and defence even in the unprecedented times of a global pandemic.

Story by JFC Brunssum Public Affairs Office

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